5 dog choking hazards

From small toys to food, there are many common items that can pose a threat to a dog's health and safety.

18th February 2020

Before getting a dog, you probably decided to pet-proof your home to keep your pooch as safe as possible. Well, our canine friends can find themselves choking on things they’ve been playing with since they were pups. Here are five items you probably have in your home or come across in your daily life that your dog could choke on.

Balls and toys

That’s right, your dog’s favourite plaything can end up obstructing their airway and lead to serious trouble. Make sure you buy the right toys for your dog’s size, breed, strength and chewing habits.

Remember: Check your dog’s toys for signs of ripping, tearing or other damage and replace them as soon as you spot any problems.


A dog could choke on a bone, even if they’re used to having one as a treat. Cooked bones are especially dangerous as they could splinter into smaller, sharper pieces and get caught in their throat or cause internal damage.

Always make sure you supervise your pooch when they’re chewing on bones and never give them cooked chicken bone.


Most dogs stumble across a good stick when on their walks but think again before throwing one for them. Not only can wooden sticks splinter and become a choking hazard but they can cause injury to your dog’s mouth if they catch it awkwardly. It’s not worth the risk, so you’re better off ignoring any pleading eyes they give for you to throw or let them chew the stick they’ve found.

Sticks can also cause nasty splinters and other injuries in dogs, so be sure to take an appropriate throwing toy on your walks if your pooch loves a good game of fetch while out and about.

Kids toys

Kids toys come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and can be quite appealing to a dog looking for something to chew. Unfortunately, they can choke on their human siblings’ playthings, so be sure to keep them out of reach and supervise your dog when your children are playing with something your dog might be tempted to chew.


Used socks and dirty pants can attract any dog to have a sniff, and some are even enticed to start chewing and eating these delicate threads. Gloves and smaller clothing items can also end up in your darling pooch’s mouth if left unsupervised too. These can all be swallowed and cause intestinal blockages and could cause your dog to choke. Make sure your underwear and smaller garments are kept away from your dog, and they go straight into the laundry basket or washing machine!

There are other choking hazards that your dog might come across in their lives, so it’s key to supervise your dog, especially if they’re playing with their toys or are going through a teething phase.

Being aware of anything that could potentially put your dog at risk of choking will help you react in an emergency and knowing what to do can potentially save their life. Why not look for canine first aid courses near you?

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