Akela Dog Food

Q&A with Akela Dog Food

31st January 2022

What type of food do you offer?

Akela Pet Foods Ltd offers a wide range of raw, dry and wet complete working dog foods, cat/ferret foods and treats. Our whole range is grain-free, hypoallergenic and designed to provide optimum nutrition based on our “wholeprey” philosophy of feeding as nature intended. Our dry foods include both cold-pressed and freshtruded options which use lower temperatures than traditional methods.

Why you do it

We aim to help enhance and lengthen the lives of our furry friends. Our founder, James, was frustrated with the general market trend of spending more on advertising rather than ingredients and recognised the need for a food of superior quality. At the same time, James discovered that he was gluten and dairy intolerant himself. He had always had a keen interest in healthy eating and started to study nutrition in greater detail.

Akela ("aa"+"KAY"+"luh") was launched and named after the wolf pack leader from The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling (1894). James, was a Cub Scout as a child. The Scouts name their leaders Akela after the same wolf. It also means alone in Hindi; as in “lone wolf”.

The benefits behind your type of food/feeding

Akela is particularly tasty compared to other brands. Less needs to be fed so there is less waste to pick up. Healthy skin, shiny coats and wagging tails are usually part of the glowing feedback that we receive.

What makes you stand from the crowd?

Akela is ranked number one in dog food by eDogAdvisor with over 600 glowing customer testimonials. Our range includes many world firsts, including:

  • Free Range Chicken: World’s 1st 80:20 recipe using only freshly prepared chicken and no rendered meat meal (2020)
  • Cold-Pressed Chicken: Highest Meat Single-Protein Cold-Pressed Food (2020)
  • Scottish Salmon: Highest in freshly prepared fish (61%) (2018)
  • Akela RAW: range of single-protein frozen raw complete working dog foods including joint support and pre-biotic (2018)
  • Suffolk Duck: World’s 1st Truly Single Species 80:20 (2016)

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