Five tasty homemade dog treat recipes

Do you know how to make dog treats at home? Here are five great recipes to show you how!

16th December 2015

Us dog owners love treating our pets – sometimes a little too much! However, unlike human snacks, dog treats don’t need to be unhealthy and full of additives. Many store-bought products often contain preservatives and other unnatural additions, so to avoid giving these to your dog, it’s best to make your own.

We’ve collated five of the tastiest dog treat recipes out there – we’re sure your pup will love them all!

Peanut butter cookies

Dogs adore peanut butter, so they’re sure to love these biscuits. Plus, they contain fish oil, which will help keep your dog’s coat nice and shiny. To ensure these treats are as healthy as possible, make your own peanut butter by mixing peanut oil and raw peanuts together in a food processor. If you use pre-made peanut butter, make sure it’s not sweetened with xylitol, which is poisonous to animals.

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Healthy pumpkin balls

If you’re trying to sneak some extra vitamins and fibre into your dog’s diet, these pumpkin balls are ideal. They rammed full of vitamin A, potassium, iron and beta-carotene. Thankfully, they’re also pretty easy to make and only take around 25 minutes to bake in the oven.

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Homemade flax seed dog biscuits

These treats are so tasty, you’ll want to have a nibble yourself. Just make sure you leave some left for the dogs! It’s best to grind up the flax seeds in this recipe, as your dog will get the most nutritional value out of them that way. Now where did we put that bone-shaped biscuit cutter?

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Cheddar blueberry biscuits

Inspired by a German Sheppard that loves blueberries, these yummy treats are easy to make. When cut into a cute shape, the biscuits also make great gifts for any dog owner. This recipe makes 12 biscuits that can last up to two weeks in a sealed container, so your pet doesn’t have to scoff them all straight away (but they’ll probably be tempted to).

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Puppy power smoothies

Whilst dogs love crunchy biscuits, smoothies go down well too. Containing just four simple ingredients, this treat is bursting with healthy fats, protein and antioxidants. The parsley will also help tackle smelly doggy breath. Best of all, this recipe only takes five minutes to make.

In the summer, you may wish to freeze the smoothie. Not only will this enable your dog to cool down, they’ll be forced to eat it slowly, giving them a chance to really enjoy it.

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We hope your dog enjoys at least one of these all-natural treats. You could even try and create your own! Just be sure to read up on which foods dogs can’t eat before doing so. Be aware that your pet may be allergic to certain ingredients too. If you’re unsure about anything, speak to a vet before feeding your dog anything new.

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