Joii: Training your pup

We catch up with Heather from Joii and Lucy the pup to get some top tips on training your pet, even when it all seems too challenging.

22nd April 2020

In partnership with Joii Pet Care, we meet up with Lucy (the pup) and Heather to get the top tips on training a puppy to grow to be a well-rounded, confident and happy pooch.

The secret to a happy and healthy dog is to create a bond with them and remember that dogs experience emotions similar to ours. So, they can get lonely and they can get scared. It’s also been proven that our emotions may impact that of our dogs so it’s important to look out for emotional upsets that may affect your dog too.

There are a few things that you need to do to maintain that bond with your dog.

Never punish your dog

Verbal reprimands are included here. Punishment can only be conflicting to your dog and can cause frustration.

Always make sure they have a safe place to rest

By this, I mean a safe haven where all their favourite things are kept and it almost becomes a little den for them to escape from everything.

Ensure your dog’s positive welfare

Make sure your dog’s emotional and psychological needs are met.

Listen to your puppy

If your puppy isn’t happy to do something, don’t force them. Socialisation is for life, so this is a journey you and your puppy need to endure for the rest of their years.

Play with your puppy

Play strengthens bonds and makes learning a faster and easier task.

Keep on top of your pup’s training

Make sure you train your dog every day even if it’s just for a few minutes. Some owners will train their puppies but then forget that as they grow into adult dogs that they still need training. Make sure that you train your dog throughout their life.

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