Our top 10 Summer essentials for you and your dog

These top 10 products will help keep your dog happy, healthy, and entertained throughout the warmer months.

17th June 2024

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With longer days and warmer evenings, summer is the perfect time to enjoy the great outdoors with your dog. Whether you’re planning beach trips, prefer the backdrop of a mountain, or you’d rather spend time in the garden, check out these top products designed for fun-filled warmer months: 

1. All For Paws Chill Out Ice Cream Lick Mat

Help your best fur-iend beat the heat this summer, with the All For Paws Ice Cream Lick Mat! Pop this lick mat in the freezer, then relieve the boredom of hot days spent indoors by giving your dog a long-lasting, super cool treat.

2. All For Paws Chill Out Ice Cream

Keep your dog hydrated during the hot, summer weather thanks to the All For Paws Chill Out Ice Cream! Soak this ice lolly-shaped toy in cool drinking water, allowing the sponge inside to absorb as much as possible, then let your canine companion enjoy hydration as they play.

3. Petface Cooling Mat

Help your dog beat the summer heat at home with the Petface Cooling Mat. Just pop it in the fridge, then place the mat in your dog’s bed or favourite spot to provide instant relief during warmer days.


4. Ancol Cooling Coat

If your dog isn’t one to stay still, you can still help keep them cool and comfortable with the Ancol Cooling Coat. All you need to do is soak the coat in water, wring out the excess, and watch as it helps instantly refresh your pooch!

5. Dorwest Cod Liver Oil Capsules

Support your dog’s joint health and mobility during their summer adventures with Dorwest Cod Liver Oil Capsules. Packed with omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins A and D, which all play a role in keeping your dog healthy, these supplements are a great choice for active dogs.


6. Ancol Paws on Tour Isofix Dog Seatbelt

Help keep your dog safe during your summer road trips or adventures with the Ancol Paws on Tour Isofix Dog Seatbelt. This easy-to-use belt attaches to your dog's harness and plugs into the Isofix anchor point, keeping your dog secure while you drive!

7. KONG H2O Insulated Dog Water Bottle

Every dog needs to stay hydrated while out and about, and the durable KONG H2O Insulated Dog Water Bottle helps you keep your pooch cool and refreshed on the go! Its built-in bowl is perfect for easy drinking, while the stainless steel will help keep water cool even on the hottest days.

8. Chuckit Ultra Ball Dog Toy

When it’s cool enough to play fetch, the Chuckit Ultra Ball Dog Toy will let you take it to the next level. Made from durable rubber, this high-bouncing, floating ball is perfect for days at the park or beach and is easy to spot in grass and on water!

9. All For Paws Chill Out Fruit Toys

Supporting your canine companion through the summer can be tricky if they don’t drink much. But, thanks to these Chill Out Fruit Toys, your pooch can take in extra water while they play – helping them to stay hydrated in the heat.


10. VioVet Natural Dog Treats Chicken Strips

Treat your dog to something delicious with VioVet Natural Dog Treats Chicken Strips. Made with real chicken and free from artificial additives, these are sure to be a hit with your pet and perfect for helping with your training.;

So, why not make the most of summer and create unforgettable memories together keeping your pet pooch safe. Looking for something else? Head over to our partner VioVet’s website for more great products, delivered straight to your door.  

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