Product review: Pawbo+ interactive pet camera

Are you looking for a pet camera to spy on your pets while you're out and about? Read our review of the Pawbo+ Pet Camera to see if it's the one for you.

14th November 2017

Here at Animal Friends, we are always searching for great pet products to review so when we received the Pawbo we couldn’t wait to try it! The camera was beautifully packed and even Marvel came over to have a nosey as to what we were unpacking. So, let’s see how the Pawbo+ Interactive Pet Camera scored overall!

Pet Score 5/5

Marvel loves being able to hear our voices through the camera while we’re at work. He especially enjoys the treats we can dispense, too. It allows up to 8 users simultaneously, so the whole family can see what trouble he gets into while we’re out. Since there are mounting holes on the back of the device it allows you to hang it on a wall without having to worry about it being knocked over, so it’s great for even the most destructive pets.

Ease of Use 5/5

The Pawbo was so easy to set up, with the instructions included. All we had to do was plug it in and download a super user-friendly app, and away we went. It allows you to play a light chasing game, dispense yummy treats, take screenshots, record video and even connect the Pawbo to accessories. The Pawbo Theme Park offers remotely operated accessories that are perfect for cats! They truly allow you to engage with your pet while you’re out and about. Being away from your best friend is not ideal, so the Pawbo makes everything easier for everyone. The treat tray is easily detachable and super easy to clean, too.

Effectiveness 5/5

Everyone loves the Pawbo. It’s such an effective device with amazing functions. It allows us to hear and speak to Marvel wherever we are and is truly something we couldn’t do without now. Marvel often joins me in the office but when he can’t the Pawbo lets him know that I’m never far away.

Value for Money 4/5

The Pawbo currently retails at £149.00, which is cheaper than some of its competitors. We think it’s well worth the price with all of its different features. You would have to buy the other extras separately, or as part of a bundle on their website. They also sell the perfect Pawbo treats on their site, ready to be dispensed to your pet whether it a cat or a dog.

Design 4/5

The Pawbo is nicely designed. It would blend in somewhere in anyone’s home, whether it be on the bookshelf or attached to the wall. Ours is on our TV stand so we can view most of the room as Marvel likes to sleep in a lot of different places during the day.

If you’re looking to buy a camera to keep an eye on your pets then you can do so on here. To keep up to date with our charity visits, read more product reviews or interesting guides like us on Facebook.

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