Fantastically Potter pet names

In celebration of the new Fantastic Beasts film, The Crimes of Grindelwald, we've looked at the names of the brilliant pets insured with us to provide you with some great names for your magical pets!

9th November 2018

The wizarding world is an amazing place, full of interesting characters, fantastic beasts and some unusual names! It all started over 20 years ago when we’re introduced to the Dursleys in the pages of the first Harry Potter book, and what a journey it was. With 7 Harry Potter books, 8 films, a play and now an introduction to the lives of witches and wizards in the 20th century through the eyes of Newt Scamander it’s no surprise that people are using the franchise as inspiration for naming their pets.

‘Fantastic Beasts’ film release

In anticipation of the second Fantastic Beasts film’s release, we decided to look at the names of cats and dogs insured with us to see which wizarding names come out on top… we chose the top seven because seven is acknowledged as a magical number! Seven days a week, seven dwarves, seven samurai, and, last but not least, seven Harry Potter books.


Top Harry Potter dogs names

  1. Lily – this name comes out on top for both cats and dogs and is a subtle hint towards Harry Potter’s mum, Lily Potter.
  2. Dobby – a name suited for a loyal dog, one whose ears are slightly pointy.
  3. Ginny – Ginevra Weasley is the seventh daughter of a seventh daughter, surrounded by six big brothers. This name would suit any forceful or independent dogs.
  4. Neville – a perfect name for a dog who’s a tiny bit clumsy but super keen to please. Maybe a chocolate Labrador, or an excited border collie.
  5. Sirius – another name for a loyal dog that would do anything for you.
  6. Potter – is your dog a seeker? A champion fetch player? Then look no further.
  7. Draco – a name for a dog from noble stock.

Top Harry Potter cats names

  1. Lily – a lovely name for a loving cat who stands out from the rest.
  2. Dobby – own a Cornish Rex, a Burmese or just a cat with ears too big for its head? Then this might be the perfect name for your feline!
  3. Ginny – perfectly suited for an orange tabby.
  4. Neville – some cats just aren’t as graceful as others.
  5. Sirius – Padfoot. Harry Potter’s godfather, a brilliant name for the secretive cat in your life.
  6. Hermione – maybe your cat’s a keen listener or solves the most difficult puzzles, is there a name more perfect?
  7. Weasley – another name for an orange tabby, or just a cat that reminds you of one of the Weasley’s. Maybe it’s mischievous like Fred and George, courageous like Ginny, or funny like Ron. Not to forget the characteristics of the rest of the red-haired clan!

Other perfectly Potter pet names

  • Newt – the loyal and honest Hufflepuff magizoologist.
  • Niffler – a black and fluffy creature attracted to shiny things.
  • Frank – named after the fantastic Thunderbird.
  • Pickett – the brilliant Bowtruckle who is carried around in Newt’s top pocket.
  • Queenie – the younger sister of Tina Goldstein, with the ability to look deep into the story of someone.
  • Gnarlak – the, uh… well, the American goblin gangster, who was capable of performing wandless magic.
  • Fluffy – Hagrid’s three-headed dog who helped to guard the Philosopher’s Stone.

However, our personal favourite Harry Potter pet name is “Albus Dumbledog”, the most pawsome wizard of all time!

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