PawTection product review

Have you tried the Natural Dog Company's Pawtection? We got our in-house tester, Marvel, to help us with the product review. See if it worked.

17th July 2017

We love a good product review here at Animal Friends. We recently received a package from the Natural Dog Company, ready for us to try out and we couldn’t wait to try it!

Natural Dog Company provides natural and effective healing solutions while keeping organic and natural. We were given the PawTection Challenge to try, and we were more than happy to partake. To begin we had to photograph Marvel’s paws on the first day. We then had to apply the balm onto his right paws, leaving his left paws untouched for the time being. Finally, we had to take a photograph on the eighth day to compare his pads in such a short time. You can see the stark difference below, along with our review of the organic nourishing barrier.

Pawtector Review

Pet Score: 4/5

Marvel isn’t entirely sure as to what we’re doing with his paws, but we know it’s all for his benefit. The PawTection protects, prevents and heals our four-legged friends’ paws, which is so important, especially in this warm weather. We have seen a big difference in Marvel’s paw pads since we started applying the wax barrier, and will definitely be continuing to use it in the future. However, Marvel has still given a 4-paw rating as it wasn’t a toy or a treat.

Ease of Use: 5/5

The PawTection is so easy to use, whichever one you pick, whether it the tin or stick. Simply apply it to your pet’s paws pads and let it do all the work for you. We did have to distract Marvel with treats to stop him from licking the balm. As it’s 100% natural it’s okay for your dog to lick, but this would mean it wouldn’t have time to be absorbed. Marvel didn’t complain about having treats and belly rubs, though, so it works out great for everyone.

Effectiveness: 5/5

We applied the PawTection before every walk, whether we headed to the beach, for a run around the forest, or a trek in a field. This was to make sure that Marvel would be comfortable. We have seen a stark difference, already. Though the PawTection is formulated to protect your dog’s paws, and not heal already rough or cracked pads, we believe it’s doing both. Marvel’s paws are looking better already, take a look! You can see that the right paw looks a lot smoother than the left paw, and this is from just 8 days of application.

Value for Money: 5/5

Considering you’re buying a product that will soothe and protect your dog’s paws we think it’s great value for money. The balm lasts, too! And, most importantly, your pet will enjoy their pawdicure!

Design: 4/5

When we received our PawTection parcel we loved the packaging, and the time that’s must have gone into packing it all away ready to ship to us. Once we opened the bowed boxes we were met with the beautifully designed product. We love it! The colours are simple but attractive, the logo is cute, and everything you might need to know is included on the stickers. We think it’s pawfect!

The Natural Dog Company were nice enough to provide a PawTection stick for our #becool giveaway, but you can grab one at one of their many stockists in the UK.

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