Product Review: Pet Qwerks Incredibubbles

Does your cat or dog love bubbles? We put Pet Qwerk's IncrediBubbles to the test with little Henry, read how he got on!

9th August 2017

We love a good product review here at Animal Friends and recently we received a package from Pet Qwerks, ready for us to play with and we couldn’t wait to try it!

It was beautifully packaged and we were so excited when we opened it. They’d sent us plenty of bubbles to try, ready for summer days at home.


Pet Score 5/5

This was Henry’s first time testing out a product for us. The dog bubbles are peanut butter flavour infused, non-toxic and fun to chase and chomp. He loved them!


Ease of Use 5/5

Like any other bubble product, they are so easy to use. Kids, over 3, can have fun with your dog or cat in the garden while you prep some food for lunch, dinner or tea.

Because the bubbles don’t disappear or pop instantly they’d be able to chase them once they’ve finished blowing. They’re great fun for cats, dogs and children with guaranteed purrs, barks and giggles of happiness.


Effectiveness 4/5

You can catch them, stack them, watch them roll or try your best at bubble towers. They are so much fun for a rainy day in the house or an afternoon in the garden.

The only thing we’re not so keen on is once they pop they leave a sticky substance. It wipes off furniture and clothes quite easily but seems to matt fur and kids’ hair. It does come out with soapy water, but that can be quite tricky to get them to keep still.


Value for money 4/5

They’re available for as little as £4.49 from UK stockists with free shipping. They’re a bit pricey for bubbles but then again you can blow them for dogs, cats or kids. One tube holds thousands of bubbles ready to be blown. They’re so durable, too, and that’s something regular bubbles don’t offer.


Design 4/5

The bubbles were simply but beautifully wrapped. The packaging is simple but informative. The colours are fun and brilliant, each colour specified a different flavour. The catnip infused bubbles are green, peanut butter infused are blue while the peach infused have an orange tube.


Overall, they’re perfect for a summer at home and can truly provide hours of fun for the whole family.If you want to know more about IncrediBubbles, then head on over to Pet Qwerks.

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