Why exercise is so important for pet weight loss

Exercise is good for your pet, providing plenty of benefits like reducing anxiety, stress and other behavioural problems, helping with their joints, reducing digestive problems and most importantly, it keeps your dog or cat stay at a healthy weight.

3rd November 2021

With extra weight comes extra problems

If your pet is overweight or obese then it might be affected by other problems, too, which won’t help with their weight. Arthritis, diabetes and breathing problems are just some of the things that could affect your pet if they are carrying extra pounds.

Helping with any destructive behaviour

If your pet is exercised daily, they’re also less likely to develop destructive habits like chewing, scratching, or digging. This, in turn, will only help your relationship as exercise will only help stop these behaviours from starting in your home meaning you don’t have to be stressed or worried about coming home to any ripped carpets or chewed cupboards.

Cats might take to your furniture regardless, especially if they’re not provided with their own scratching post or toys.

It’s a good idea to make sure your dog is provided with toys and activities while you’re out and about, too, just in case they do get bored.

Making a change for the better

Before making a start on an exercise program for your dog or cat make sure you speak to your vet as they will be able to provide some ideas based on their breed, age and health.

As our pets, especially the barking ones, are dependent on us it’s up to us to make sure they receive their daily exercise requirements, and slacking will soon start to show around your pet’s tummy.

Exercise around your lifestyle

If you struggle to find the time to set aside the time to exercise your dog or cat, it might be easier than you think. Consider your daily routine and find half an hour for your pet, even longer if they need a walk.

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If it is impossible and you’re able to hire a dog walker or someone to visit and play with your cat, then it’s worth investing in.

We know that circumstances change and if you were once able to give your cat or dog all the exercise they ever needed, and now it’s not that easy there are always options. If you work, is your pet able to join you? Do you have family close or parents looking for something to do? Is your work close to home? If so, would you be able to pop home on your lunch break?

What to do if your pet can’t exercise

If your dog or cat struggles to exercise then you’ll need to speak to your vet. They’ll be able to provide alternatives depending on their health and any conditions they might suffer from.

Exercise is the most important thing in your pet’s life (apart from you) after all, it will only give back the years or months that obesity steals from them.

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