WildWash Pro Pet Shampoos review

Struggling to find the perfect shampoo for your cat, dog or horse? Read our WildWash Pro Pet Shampoos Review to see if they could be what you need!

20th September 2017

Choosing the right shampoo for your pet is important for their skin, coat, and health. A clean dog is a happy dog! So, when we received some WildWash shampoos we couldn’t wait to get a dog in the bath to try them. Henry drew the short straw so let’s see what he thought of his wash.

Pet Score 4/5

Henry is a pampered pooch and enjoys a good bath. He stands nicely as the shampoo is massaged into his curly fur. He enjoyed testing the new shampoos for us, and he was nice and clean too which is the first sign to a shampoo that truly works. We’re yet to try them on a cat as all of the Animal Friend cats are not too fond of water.

Ease of Use 5/5

It is super-duper easy to use the WildWash shampoos. We received some bottles from the WildWash Pro range where all you need to do to wash your pet is dilute the shampoo with some water. There are mixing bottles available that have the correct measurements marked so that you can achieve the perfect dilution rate. Then, you just need to scrub your pet with the mixture and voila! The shampoo is so concentrated that one 300ml bottle is equivalent to 10 litres when diluted.

Effectiveness 5/5

The shampoos are so effective. They don’t lather like a lot of shampoos, which can make it hard to know where you’ve already washed but we understand this might be because of their natural blend of ingredients. There is a shampoo for every different kind of dog, cat or horse. So, whether you’re looking for something for an itching dog, or a new kitten, or a gentle horse, they will have something for you.

Value for Money 4/5

These specific shampoos work out at £14.95 per 300ml bottle. This seems a lot but once the shampoo is diluted you can get up to 10 washes for a big dog and 20 washes for a small dog. They do offer other shampoos and conditioners with a variety of prices so there really is something for everyone.

Design 5/5

We love the designs on the bottles. They look sleek and professional while providing any necessary information that you might need on the label. The bottles would look good in at the groomers or in the bathroom!

To find out more about WildWash and their products you can visit their website. You’ll be able to find all of the information you need on their website, read even more testimonials, and find your perfect shampoo. To keep up to date with our charity visits.

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