Pet Policies

New Claim

This is your first claim for this condition

Continuation Claim

You have already made a claim for this condition and want to claim for follow up treatment


Use the pre-authorisation form if your vet has indicated that future treatment may cost in excess of £1,000

Repeat Medication

Use this form if you are obtaining repeat medication from your vet or online pharmacy.

Vet Pre-Authorisation

Vets, please submit your request for pre-authorisation here

Horse and Rider Policies

General Claims

For vets fees, death, loss of use (LOU) claims

Saddlery and Tack

For saddlery and tack claims


For trailer loss, damage, or theft claims

Personal Accident

For personal accident claims

Loss by Theft

For loss by theft or straying, advertising and reward

Vet Pre-Authorisation

Use the pre-authorisation form if your vet has indicated that future treatment may cost in excess of £1,000


To make a claim on your pet insurance policy you will need to complete the relevant claim form for the treatment or incident in question (if your vet has indicated that treatment may cost in excess of £1,000 then you will need to complete the pre-authorisation form) and post this to us together with the relevant invoice and your pet’s full medical history. To download a form, select from one of the options above, or email your request to: Alternatively, call one of our advisors on 03445570330.

We pay all our claims by BACS transfer directly into your nominated bank account. If you would prefer that we settle direct with your veterinary practice then please indicate this on your claim form ticking the relevant section.

The excess is the amount that you pay towards a claim. You will pay an excess for each condition being claimed and this will be deducted each policy year for conditions which are on-going or recurring. You will be informed of your excess amount and any applicable co-payment when you take out a policy. If you have a policy with us already, your excess amount can be found on your Insurance Schedule and Summary.

The excess is deducted from your maximum policy limit; by way of an example; if you hold a policy with cover up to £2000.00 per policy year with an excess of £69.00, the maximum settlement made would be £1931.00.

We aim to process claims within 5-7 working days if not sooner, providing you have fully completed your claim form and supplied all relevant information*. We are currently experiencing an unusually high volume of claims, so wait times may be longer.

You should ensure that your claim is submitted within 90 days of the treatment being carried out. Where your claim is for something other than veterinary fees you should ensure your claim is submitted within 90 days from the onset of the matter you are claiming for.

As with all insurance policies your claims history may be taken into account at your anniversary date. However, we do not feel that you should be penalised for making a claim which is why we do not offer a "No Claims Discount" on our pet insurance policies.

  • The claim form submitted must be an original
  • The claim form must be signed by the policyholder and the vet that carried out the treatment
  • A full medical history must be provided with any new claim
  • A breakdown of invoices in relation to the claim must be submitted
  • To complete a claim payment Animal Friends requires the policyholder or vet’s BACS details

*Claims settled on average within 3 days – data taken from 01/01/14 – 31/01/15