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Mature Horse insurance Mature Horse insurance Mature Horse insurance

Mature Horse insurance

  • Cover available for horses from 20 years and over
  • The Personal Finance Awards Winner for Best Pet Insurance
  • Customise your requirements with our bolt on extra benefits
  • Founded to donate to animal charities worldwide

At Animal Friends Pet Insurance, our specialist equine team know first-hand that many horses carry on living full and active lives as they get older.

  • Our Mature Horse insurance policy offers cover for accidental injuries for horses aged over 20 years.
  • Your horse will be covered for the cost of veterinary fees and/or complementary treatment for 365 days from the date of the accidental injury or until the benefit limit of £2000 is reached, subject to a £125 excess.
  • The benefit limit is applied separately to every unrelated injury or condition claimed for.
  • In addition to veterinary fees cover, our Mature Horse policy also offers a range of bolt-on policy benefits which allow you tailor your policy to your requirements.
  • Our optional Third Party Liability insurance cover provides cover up to £2 million, subject to an excess of either £250 or £500 payable per claim.

All of our policies are subject to the terms and conditions explained in our documents

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Mature Horse Insurance Product Information Document
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Bolt on extras

Bolt on extras are available to add onto your Mature Horse insurance policy so that it can be tailored to suit your individual needs, including:

Death of Horse (from Injury)

If the worst should happen, and you lose your equine companion to an accident, we will look to provide cover for the market value, purchase price or sum insured (whichever is lesser) up to a maximum of £1,500.

We will provide cover for the market value, the purchase price paid, or the amount specified in your schedule, up to the maximum benefit limit, if your horse is stolen or lost for more than 90 days. We will also pay towards the advertising and reward costs for your horse.

We will provide cover where property is damaged or someone is killed, injured or becomes ill as a result of an incident involving your horse or your horse trailer (if covered) and you are legally responsible, we will pay up to the benefit limit specified in your schedule.

We will provide cover for either death, permanent blindness in one or both eyes, permanent deafness in both ears, loss of limb or permanent total disablement and or dental treatment, if you are killed, injured or become ill when riding your horse, up to the maximum amounts as per the benefit table found in the Horse Insurance Policy Wording.

We will provide cover for the market value, the purchase price paid or the amount specified in your schedule, (whichever is the lesser amount), if your saddlery and tack is lost, stolen, or damaged.

We will provide cover for either the market value, the purchase price paid or the amount specified in your schedule, (whichever is the lesser amount), if your horse trailer is lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed during the policy period.

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