Joii Terms and Conditions

  1. Animal Friends Pet Insurance customers can use the Joii Pet Care service, including vet video consultations, for free. This offer is open to all customers who have an active cat or dog policy with Animal Friends Pet Insurance.
  2. There is no limit on the amount of free vet consultations an eligible customer can request.
  3. This service can only be used for pets insured on the Animal Friends policy.
  4. You must provide a valid email address to receive your Joii Pet Care sign up link.
  5. Animal Friends customers can sign up to Joii by following the link in your email or by downloading the Joii Pet Care app and registering using the ‘I’m an Animal Friends customer’ button.
  6. The Joii Pet Care app is only compatible with Apple iOs 14.0 or later, iPhone and iPod Touch and Android 6.0 or later.
  7. Joii Pet Care is only accessible through the Joii app.
  8. It can take up to 4 hours from the time you buy a policy before Joii has all the required information to allow you to sign up. You will be able to use the app and your account from day one.
  9. Animal Friends Pet Insurance accept no responsibility for customers status signing up to Joii as a non-Animal Friends' customer and having to pay for consultations.
  10. The Joii app is not to be used in life-threatening situations. Please contact your vet in the event of an emergency involving your pet.
  11. Joii Pet Care will store information to create your pets profile, this will include:-
    • The species, age, breed, gender and neuter for all pets.
    • Clinical history for any pets entering consultations.
    • E-mail address for all owners.
    • If the owner has purchased a product Joii for delivery, the app will need to store name and address of who and where items are to be delivered by courier/post.
  12. The information added to Joii will be shared with Animal Friends including vet notes if there is a subsequent claim.
  13. During the COVID-19 pandemic Joii vets are currently able to prescribe medication in some areas of the country, they will be able to confirm whether this service is available in your area during your consultation with them. Any changes to the service will be communicated.
  14. Animal Friends reserve the right to change the terms and conditions of this offer or remove it at any time.
  15. Joii vets and vet nurses are not able to discuss Animal Friends policy details. For further information about your Animal Friends policy please contact or call 0344 557 0300.