Pawtal: Our Award-Winning Claims System

Pawtal - The Same-day Claims Payment System

Streamlining the Payment Process

Our award-winning Pawtal online claims payment system has been developed here at Animal Friends to make the process of claiming more efficient for both our vets and our policyholders.

It allows vets to submit a claim online directly to Animal Friends without completing lengthy forms. This saves time and money but also ensures a very fast response to the claim – minimising any delays in getting the treatment the pet requires.

Crucially, this also means the policyholder will not be responsible for paying the bill, as the vet can deal directly with Animal Friends* It truly takes the worries away from our policyholders and provides efficiency for our vets.

Pawtal!, The Revolutionary Claims System for Vets

*Animal Friends will pay claims up to the amounts covered by the relevant policy cover limits. The policyholder will be responsible for the policy excess, the co-payment if applicable, plus any additional fees not covered by their policy.


Benefits for Policyholders

Take the stress out of claiming on your pet insurance, at a time when your mind needs to be on other things.

Discover the benefits of Pawtal, and check if your vet is registered.


Pawtal benefitsRegistered vets

Benefits for Vets

  • Keep track of all claims & payments online
  • Pre-authorisations within an hour
  • Free to use

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