Helping you Focus on the Important Things

Pawtal is an award-winning online claims payment system designed to take the stress out of claiming on your pet insurance, at a time when your mind needs to be on other things.

It allows your vet to submit a claim online directly to Animal Friends on your behalf, all the vet needs is a few details from you. This ensures a very fast response to the claim at the critical time when your pet needs immediate attention.

Over 2200 UK Vets Registered

Over 2200 UK Veterinary Practices are registered with the Pawtal system – that’s over a third of the vets in the UK!

Registered Veterinary Practices

When choosing a vet, always remember to check the vet is an active user of our system – that way you can benefit from the increased response times that Pawtal can deliver.

Find your nearest registered veterinary practice here:

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