NEW! Payment Feature for Vet Practices

Pawtal is an online claims platform for vets, designed to make claims easier and quicker. Plus, Pawtal now hosts a new monthly payment feature. 


Helping your practice go further for pets in need!

To further support your patients’ needs, a brand-new payment feature has been introduced to the claims platform, Pawtal. This online and easy-to-use feature, provided by a third-party lender, could help your clients pay for vital treatment and care when it is needed most.

Once onboarded, you’ll be able to discuss this new alternative payment solution with your clients.

Working with a third-party lender, the new payment solution could… 

Benefit your clients:

  • Pets that might have gone untreated could now get the support they need.
  • The payment feature could help your eligible clients with an interest free option to spread the cost of treatment (up to £2,000)
  • With optional repayment terms of 3,6,8,9 or 10 months.

Benefit your practice:

  • All successful applications will be paid directly to your vet practice within 10 working days, reducing the volume of unpaid treatment bills.
  • Your veterinary surgery or team are NOT required to become accredited finance experts or licensed.
  • The third-party lender will provide you with the relevant training so your team can talk with your clients about this payment option.
  • No hidden charges including no annual fees, licence or set up costs. A subsidy fee per loan applies. 
  • Your practice can focus more on supporting the owner and the pet, not on the paperwork and administration.

Please note: Acceptance onto the payment scheme is decided by the third-party lender based on their eligibility criteria.

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Need more information? Watch a short video here:

Interested? Start using Pawtal today...

Vets can login or register to be able to start submitting claims online. There is no paperwork and you can submit your first claim the same day. Got any questions? Check out our FAQs.

There are no forms for the customer to complete, so submitting claims directly to us minimises any delays and we can deal with getting claims paid quickly.

If you have any problems logging in, please call us on 01980 666 044 or email us at

Screen shot of the Pawtal dashboard

Plus! How Pawtal was designed to make insurance claims quicker and easier... 

Pawtal is operated by Animal Friends Insurance. As well as hosting solutions, like the NEW monthly payment feature, it was primarily created for the purposes of improving claims submissions for pet owners and vets alike:

Chat directly with our specialists

Our Pawtal specialists can quickly answer any claim queries via direct messenger (during office hours).

Pre-authorisation within an hour

Submit through Pawtal before 4pm and we’ll aim to confirm within the hour if we are able to cover the claim.*

Pay the policyholder or the vet practice

You can choose who the claim is paid to, which means you’ll no longer have to complete a new or continuation claim form for customers.

Register and claim within the same day

Sign up before 4pm and, if your registration is accepted, you can start submitting claims through Pawtal on the same day.

We’ll keep your customers informed

We’ll let your customers know that you’ve submitted a claim, saving you time...

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*Timeframes are subject to us having all the required information including full vet history and invoices. The claim is subject to the exclusions and limitations of your customer’s policy.