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We believe that keeping our pets happy and healthy is a lot easier with a little help.

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Dog First Aid

We have partnered up with Dog First Aid Franchise Ltd to provide you with expert advice to help you learn how to save your pet’s life.

Dog first aid for dogs

Dog Summer Safety

It can be hard to make sure your dog is safe this summer. Read our blogs for ways to keep your dog from harm's way in the warmer months.

Summer safety tips for dogs

Pet Obesity

Here at Animal Friends we aim to help people understand the dangers of obesity and how to prevent it in their pets.

Pet obesity resources

New Pet

Getting a new pet is a big commitment for you and your family so please make sure it’s the right thing to do for you.

Free Puppy & Kitten timelines

Alabama Rot

What is Alabama Rot? and How do you prevent Alabama Rot?

Alabama Rot - the facts


It’s a legal requirement to microchip dogs, cats and horses. Find out how they work, and how they can help if your pet goes missing.

Microchipping your pets


Whether traveling by car or train there are many things you need to bear in mind to make your journey as easy as possible for them.

Top Tips for travelling with pets

Animal welfare

Animal welfare is at the forefront of our business practice, and we love to talk about issues that affect animals.

Animal welfare issues

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At Animal Friends we know too well that there are lots of illnesses, injuries and conditions that your dog may suffer from, and in most cases knowing how to spot them early.

Guides to dog health problems

Whether you’ve just brought home your first puppy or you’re a seasoned owner with a few faithful hounds, there’s always more to learn about caring for your dog!

Dog advice and guides

Anyone who has had a cat can tell you that they can be quite independent and aloof, so hopefully our little guides will help you feel a little less mystified by your feline’s behaviour.

Cat behaviour advice

We’re fortunate enough to have some real equine experts on our team here at Animal Friends, and we’ve picked their brains to bring you handy horse advice.

Horse health articles

Horses are incredible animals, with specific needs and guidelines for their care. While your local pony club will be able to help you, we’re here to explain things and provide some tips and tricks...

General horse advice

Having a dog or cat is one of the most rewarding experiences we can have through our lives.

Opening up our homes to an animal who will rely on us for their care is a wonderful thing, but it isn’t without its challenges and responsibilities. Of course, we believe that providing pet insurance is a crucial element of responsible pet ownership, so your pet will be protected if the worst should happen, but there are numerous other aspects of ownership which need your attention.

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