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Cat Breeds

Cats are wonderful creatures, with plenty of traits to keep their owners entertained. Some people may think that the only difference between domestic cats is the colour of their coat, but there are actually quite a few different breeds of cat!

The different cat breeds vary in size, colouring and temperament, and knowing about these variations can help you choose a breed that will suit you and your family best.

At Animal Friends we believe that every animal is an individual with its own personality and spirit, which isn’t wholly dictated by their genetics but also by how they grow up. That said, knowing what breed (or breeds) make up your cat’s background can help you understand and manage their behaviour. For instance, it’s common knowledge that most cats dislike water, but did you know the Turkish Van breed loves to swim?

another cat breed

While cat breeds might not vary as drastically in appearance as some dog breeds do, that’s not to say that they all behave the same too. Different cat breeds have different energy levels, intellectual needs and sociability. Choosing the right breed for your household and lifestyle is key to establishing the best routine and giving your cat the best possible life with you, so the differences between breeds, however subtle, shouldn’t be overlooked.

Different cat breeds may also present different potential care needs in the future, as they might be predisposed to different illnesses in the future based on their genetic makeup, for instance Ragdoll cats are more likely to be genetically predisposed to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, so this needs to be taken into account so you, as an owner, know how to spot early signs of these illnesses.

Whether you’re buying a kitten from a breeder or rescuing a cat in need from a shelter, learning about their breed, or mix of breeds, can help you pre-determine how likely they are to mesh well in your household, and how well they might get on with any pets you already have. That way you stand the best chance of having a wonderful life with your new best pal.

We’re working hard to bring you guides to plenty of the nation’s favourite cat breeds, but we’d like to heard from you which breeds you want to learn more about. Why not give us a shout on Facebook or Twitter?

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