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Things to look for when buying or adopting a Golden Retriever

It comes as no surprise that Golden Retrievers are one of the world’s most popular dog breeds.

Whether you are looking for a loyal dog to keep you company, or the ideal addition to your family, Golden Retrievers’ friendly and tolerant nature means that they are a great cuddly companion for most homes.

However, as with any dog breed, there are certain characteristics of Golden Retrievers that you need to consider before rushing out to buy or adopt.

Read on to discover five things to look for when considering these caring canines, so that you can give them the attention they deserve, while ensuring they suit your lifestyle.

They don’t like to be lonely

As Golden Retrievers are an affectionate and loving breed, they are known to form a particularly strong bond with their owners.

However, while this is a positive thing for dog owners, it also means that if Golden Retrievers are frequently left on their own for too long, they can develop separation anxiety.

To avoid this, they should not be left on their own for more than five hours at a time. This will ensure that your dog doesn’t get too bored and lonely, which could result in them causing destruction around your home.

This is an important aspect of pet health to keep in mind if you are considering getting a Golden Retriever while working full time.

They require regular exercise

One of the things that makes Golden Retrievers such good family pets is their boundless energy.

They love to play outdoors and enjoy carrying things around in their mouths, meaning that they are perfect for tiring the kids out with a game of fetch!

As a Golden Retriever owner, it is essential that you are as active as they are. You will need to give them regular exercise at least a couple of times per day.

It is also important to know that they LOVE to chew on things – whether that be wires, waste, or even your clothes and shoes. If you don’t want something to be chomped, it’s best to keep it out of reach.

Golden Retriever grooming

Golden Retrievers have very heavy coats which shed constantly over the year. While this is unavoidable, it can be reduced by regularly grooming them throughout the week.

This is best done by combing them in 20-minute sessions, which will not only help keep the amount of fur you find in your house down but also keep their coat healthy and clean.

They’re extremely friendly

Golden Retrievers are typically very sociable, which means on walks they’re likely to bound over to other dogs and people in an effort to make friends. Make sure you keep them on a lead near roads and try to read other dogs’ body language so you can call your dog back if they start to approach an unfriendly dog.

Golden Retrievers are very loving dogs with a huge sense of loyalty to their owner, but as worriers, are much too friendly to protect your home. So, while they may bark in the case of an intruder, this is most likely to be the extent of their actions.

Their health

A brilliant advantage to Golden Retrievers is that they are a relatively healthy breed.

They aren’t very susceptible to any illnesses, therefore, aside from the regular worming, neutering and flea treatments, they shouldn’t have many problems.

If you are still unsure if a Golden Retriever would suit your lifestyle and would like to find out more information, be sure to speak to a breed specialist for an expert opinion.

Alternatively, if you think that the Golden Retriever is the perfect breed for you, be sure to consider dog insurance policies before buying or adopting to save yourself an unexpected trip to the vet.

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