5 eco-friendly activities to do this Earth Day

Here are some ideas on how to enjoy the day!

19th April 2023

Every year, Earth Day is celebrated as a reminder for us all to take a closer look at how we treat our planet and to encourage us to make small changes that have a big difference to our world. Here are some ideas on how to enjoy the day!  

Pick up rubbish on your walks

This doesn’t have to be something that’s planned, just pack a reusable carrier bag in your pocket and head out for a walk with your pooch. You’ll be surprised as to how much rubbish you’ll see when you start looking! Picking up at least some of it will help the local wildlife while stopping more plastic from ending up in the sea.

Plant a pet-friendly garden

Spring is the perfect time to get your garden ready for summer. Your feline friend or canine companion will love spending time with you as you plant some pet-safe and pollinator-friendly flowers!

Remember: Toxic plants are often marked as such in garden centres, but always double check if you’re unsure.

If you don’t have a garden, that’s fine too! Windows or balconies can make great spaces for a couple of shrubs. Allowing you to provide some support to any buzzing wildlife!

Have a spring clean

Have you found an unwanted Christmas present tucked away in a wardrobe? Or maybe your drawers are full of clothes you never wear… why not declutter, clean and organise the rooms of your home? You could even sell your unwanted goods at a carboot sale to help raise money for an animal charity.

Some rescues are always on the lookout for old bedding or towels to help provide a softer space for the animals they care for, so be sure to call around and check what’s needed if you have any spare.

Limit car rides

Instead of driving to your favourite outdoor space, are you able to walk there instead or find somewhere more local to you? Or, if your pooch is a seasoned traveller, why not jump on public transport instead? Save some money, make some friends and help save the planet along the way!


If you know of a local charity in need of some assistance, you could volunteer and help animals just like your beloved pet receive the care they need before finding their forever homes. Beach cleans and community tidy ups are also a great way to help people, pets and the planet, with some events even encouraging dog walkers to join in.

Or why not give our dedicated online volunteering platform a go? Animal Friends Giving Back lets you to help charities wherever you are and whatever you do.

Let us know what you get up to this Earth Day and share the small changes you make with your pet on our Facebook or Twitter pages to help inspire other owners.