5 interesting facts from Four Paws

Here are 5 interesting facts about the Four Paws as part of our 100k Charity Giveaway 2019.

13th November 2019

Founded in 1988

FOUR PAWS is a global animal welfare organisation working to rescue animals from suffering in captivity and the wild.

We have 12 sanctuaries around the globe

7 focused on bears, 3 on big cats,1 for elephants and a forest school in Borneo for Orangutans.

Approximately 800 bears remain on more than 250 bile farms (2017).

Most spend a sad existence in tiny metal cages. Last month we rescued 7 bears now living in a species-appropriate environment in our sanctuary in Vietnam. FOUR PAWS is helping the Vietnamese government to close bear farms and end the cruel practice of bile extraction once and for all.

We help dogs and cats around the world.

In Romania we are rescuing, rehoming and even training them to be therapy dogs. In Southeast Asia we are saving companion animals from the cruel dog and cat meat trade, whilst also humanely managing stray animal populations to ensure improved animal welfare for years to come.


In the course of the twentieth century, we have so far lost over 90% of the tiger population. Current estimates suggest that there are only around 3,900 tigers left in the wild. To save the tiger as a species we must ensure all tigers are protected equally and we work with the European Commission and Member States to stop the commercial tiger trade now before it’s too late.

Campaigning for change

We passionately support animal welfare, and regularly put our weight behind campaigns for change - learn more about our campaigning activities.


We know pets

Animal Friends Insurance is a multi-award winning FCA-regulated pet insurer, founded in 1998 to provide industry-leading pet insurance and first-class animal care to create a better life for every animal.
As one of the UK’s largest pet insurance providers, Animal Friends works with vets, veterinary professionals, and partners pioneering the latest veterinary technology & healthcare advancements to achieve our vision.
Our policyholders have helped donate over £8.5 million to more than 800 animal charities worldwide and by educating and inspiring others to act on current events and responsible pet ownership, Animal Friends is driving positive change for animal welfare and conservation.