FOUR PAWS: The tailed victims of war

We want to shed some light on some of the heroes providing those with nothing a glimmer of hope.

10th May 2023

FOUR PAWS: The tailed victims of war

Since the beginning of the war, FOUR PAWS, a charity working globally to help animals in need, has been delivering critical support in Ukraine, helping pets and animals who have been left without a home because of the conflict. Even as the news moves on and the updates lessen for us watching from the west, the same can’t be said for those caught in the crossfire.

Families have been ripped apart as they flow towards the safety they so truly deserve, with so many of them having to leave their animals behind. A heartbreaking decision that no pet owner should have to make, forced upon so many who only wanted peace.

As we once again talk about a country that’s so different to what it once was, we’d like to shed some light on some of the heroes providing those with nothing a glimmer of hope in a world of uncertainty.

A year in numbers

FOUR PAWS has been active in Ukraine for over 10 years, but after more than a year of an unjust war, the charity’s numbers are only growing with an estimated 180,000 cats and dogs needing help within the country’s borders.

With their partners, FOUR PAWS has supported the distribution of more than 150,050 monthly meals for the pets that would’ve otherwise gone hungry. Helping carry more than 1,152 tons of humanitarian cargo, ensuring they arrive where they’re needed most, despite the danger.

Today, they continue to help animals who have no one and thanks to international support have been able to:

  • Provide specialised care to 30 rescued bears at their BEAR SANCTUARY Domazhyr
  • Support their Stray Animal Care teams in Ukraine and in bordering nations
  • Deliver more than 40 tons of food for wild animals in captivity
  • Help refugees, children, and soldiers with their therapy dog Busia
  • Provide 2,000 refugee pets with veterinary care

Sadly, these figures will continue to grow as the conflict goes on, meaning our support is still needed now more than ever.

They’ll never walk alone

This year’s Eurovision song contest should be taking place in Ukraine after the emphatic victory last year but because of the war, it was decided that the UK would host the contest this year on the nation’s behalf. Like the rest of the country, we’ve not forgotten the victims of the conflict, tailed or otherwise, which is why we’ve decided to donate £10,000 to FOUR PAWS.

This will allow the charity to continue their collaboration with the Ukrainian Small Animal Veterinary Association (USAVA), working together in the cities most affected by the war, to continue their lifesaving work for pets and strays.

Because after all, strays are nothing less than pets without a roof over their heads.

How we’ve helped Ukraine in the past

We donated £25,000 to UPAW (Ukrainian Pet Association Worldwide) to help fund vital food and medicines to treat the sick and injured pets that were unable to seek safety with their families when the conflict began. The platform allows shelters in need to sign up and ask for much-needed supplies to help ensure that no animal is left to suffer in a war they don’t understand.

So, while we watch the contestants from the safety of our own homes, we mustn’t forget the endless efforts of those who have stayed behind to help the pets who wait for their families to come home. Thank you! Дякую!