StreetVet – £100k Charity Giveaway winners a year on…

A year on from StreetVet winning our first £100k Charity Giveaway, discover how this donation has helped them.

13th November 2019

It’s been a year since StreetVet were the lucky winners of our first £100k Charity Giveaway, so we decided to go back to see what impact the donation had made.

Who is StreetVet?

The charity was founded in 2016, by Jade Statt and Sam Joseph in London to provide free and accessible veterinary care to the homeless. StreetVet relies on donations and an expert team of volunteer Vets and Vet Nurses who provide fundamental treatments.

To date, their 500 strong team have helped an estimated 3,000 dogs, cats and even two rabbits. Now working with homeless outreach organisations in 16 locations across the UK, the volunteers get to know the animals and build relationships with the owners to ensure their combined wellbeing.

The impact of the £100k Charity Giveaway

We headed out to Gloucester to meet up with Tim Sandys, a veterinary volunteer, so we could learn more about the charity and how the money might have helped. We were very excited to discover that the Gloucester StreetVet was set up as a direct result of the Animal Friends £100k Charity Giveaway in 2018.

Tim told us that he first became aware of StreetVet when he saw the charity asking for votes for our competition. He said “I looked into the charity and was so impressed I voted straight away, quickly getting in contact with Jade, the StreetVet co-founder.

Because of the outstanding support from the public who voted for StreetVet, we won the Animal Friends £100,000 which helped us to set up StreetVet Gloucester and fund medicines and treatments in other locations around the country. We now have a fantastic team who are ready to respond in an emergency and run drop-in clinics and outreaches weekly.”

The reality of a StreetVet volunteer

The emergencies are not always due to a dog being injured or unwell. Should a homeless person need medical assistance they cannot take their pets with them into a hospital. StreetVet help find places at kennels who will look after the dog until the owner is well again.

Tim had reunited a dog with his owner in the morning we met up with him. “Steve had been in the hospital for over two months. To see Steve and ‘Roxy’, a Rottweiler back together again after all that time was heart-warming. There is a very special human/dog bond and we are privileged to be able to help support them.”

How can I help StreetVet?

You don’t have to be a Vet or Vet nurse to help StreetVet and their fantastic cause, there are other means of supporting the charity. You could donate money to fund their work or look at their Amazon Wishlist if you’d rather buy a specific piece of equipment that can make a huge difference to the dogs and their owners.

You can also notify StreetVet of a dog and its owner in need, to make sure they receive the care they require.

You have the chance to help another fantastic cause as we’re running the £100k Charity Giveaway again this year. Vote now for the Bat Conservation Trust, Whale and Dolphin Conservation or Four Paws to win this year’s giveaway.

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