Bumblebee Conservation Trust On a mission to create a world where these fuzzy little creatures are thriving and valued.


The story of bumblebees over the past century has been one of decline. Fortunately, the Bumblebee Conservation Trust is on a mission to create a world where these fuzzy little creatures are thriving and valued.

We’re passionate about the welfare of all animals, small and large but we recognise that while it’s important to support organisations with the rescue and rehabilitation of our wildlife and pets, we also need to look at long-term solutions, that enable ecosystems to be revived, recover, and grow.

We want to do what we can to help the UK’s struggling bumblebees flourish as they so rightly deserve to, too! We rely on them to provide an important pollination service. We’re supporting the charity in their efforts to increase the number and distribution of bumblebees across the UK, as well as spreading the word to get people really buzzing about our furry four-winged friends.

Donation amount surrounded by bumblebees

We simply couldn’t do what we do for bumblebees without the fantastic support of businesses with amazing staff like you, thank you!

Tessa Brooks, Senior Fundraising Officer

Why do they matter? 

By pollinating crops and wildflowers, bumblebees are crucial to our lives by helping produce the food we eat. In the UK alone, around 70 crops depend on or benefit from wild bee pollination, which just goes to show just how important they are for the health of the wider environment and why everyone should care about their future.


The decline in bumblebees has occurred mainly because of large-scale changes to the way the countryside is managed including the mechanisation of agriculture, and the public’s ever-growing demand for high quantities of cheap food.

With their numbers plummeting, it’s important to help bumblebees now more than ever before.