Tusk Trust

Advancing convervation across Africa

Who are they?

The Tusk Trust was created, over 30 years ago, to support conservation projects across Africa. By teaching communities how to take care of their local environment, the Tusk Trust is increasing the impact of their conservation projects.

What do they do?

For every £1 donated, Tusk uses 91p for conservation activity, 6p to support costs, and 3p is spent on the cost of raising funds.

Here’s just some of the amazing difference Tusk made in 2022:

  • 41 endangered species helped. 

  • £2.6 million provided to support wildlife rangers.

  • 2,178 snares (a type of animal trap) were recovered.

  • 3,600 human-wildlife conflict incidences mitigated.

  • 10 million+ people were helped by Tusk and its partnership projects.

  • 54 million hectares (around 133 million acres) of land was secured for wildlife!

How we have helped Tusk

We’re proud to support Tusk’s projects to protect endangered species and help empower local communities to thrive by reconnecting families with local wildlife.

Protecting endangered species benefits everyone, which is the reason we admire Tusk’s efforts to have a lasting impact through sustainable conservation.

To date, we have donated £206,695 to Tusk, and have supported some incredible projects like the Tusk Lion Trail.

Tusk Lion Trail was a global art installation, involving a ‘pride’ of 47 life-sized lion sculptures placed in major cities around the world, to raise funds for African wildlife conservation projects.

The plight of the pangolin

Thanks to their scaly armour and round shape, you’d be forgiven for confusing the pangolin with an oversized pinecone! Sadly, these shy and unassuming creatures are the world’s most trafficked mammal. Every year, tens of thousands of pangolins are poached for their scales and meat, which are used in alternative medicine and considered a delicacy in East Asia. In total, there are eight species of pangolin, four of which are found in Asia and are all listed as critically endangered.

The Pangolin Project is supported by Tusk and involves the creation of a Mobile Pangolin Technical Unit (MTPU). MTPU works in pangolin habitats to provide data about pangolin populations and connect people dedicated to protecting pangolins.


Fun facts about the peculiar pangolin:

·       If startled, a pangolin will roll into a ball for protection.

·       Their diet is mostly ants, termites, and larvae.

·       Current data suggests a pangolin’s lifespan is around 20 years.

·       They are nocturnal and have an extra-long tongue!

Learn more about the pangolin, and our Ugly Endangered Animals campaign, by clicking here!

How you can help Tusk

  • Taking out a policy with Animal Friends Insurance will allow us to support more animal charities and conservancies, like Tusk, together.
  • You can donate to, or fundraise for, Tusk.
  • By subscribing to Tusk’s mailing list, you can keep up to date with their latest campaigns and discover more ways to get involved in projects dedicated to saving species, like the precious pangolin.