Wildlife Aid Foundation Dedicated to the rescue, care and rehabilitation of sick, injured and orphaned wild animals

The Wildlife Aid Foundation is a registered charity dedicated to the rescue, care and rehabilitation of sick, injured and orphaned British wildlife. Based in Leatherhead, Surrey, since its opening over 30 years ago the centre has grown to be one of the largest wildlife rehabilitation hospitals in the country, dealing with in excess of 20,000 incidents each year. With a success rate for returning animals to the wild of over 70%, it is also one of the most successful. Staffed by more than 280 volunteers, the charity’s overheads are kept to an absolute minimum to allow as much as possible of the donated money to go directly to the care of the animals.

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The Wildlife Aid Foundation promotes biodiversity; the conservation, protection and improvement of the natural environment for the benefit of the public. With a strong educational remit pertaining to animal welfare and the protection of our natural heritage, The Wildlife Aid Foundation provide advice, assistance, training and support to the public in all areas concerning British wildlife and undertake research into matters affecting animal welfare in general and the protection of wild animals in their natural habitat.

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In Britain we are fortunate to enjoy a huge diversity of native animals but every year millions of these animals are killed, injured or suffer some trauma, either as a result of direct contact with man, or the impact that we have on the environment. At The Wildlife Aid Foundation our aim is to help redress the balance between man and nature and to play our part in preserving our heritage for future generations to enjoy. While there are many organisations and schemes dedicated to the vital work of preserving natural habitats, there are still very few who help preserve the species that live within them. At The Wildlife Aid Foundation, no British animal or bird of any species, is ever turned away if it needs our help.