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91 days… 3 months in… 87 charities helped so far…  


We’re already more than a quarter of the way through the year, we’ve lost an hour, gained some daylight, and donated plenty of funding to help animals around the world. So far, we’ve given £112,083 to 87 animal welfare and conservation charities, supporting campaigns from Sri Lanka to Sunderland. 

A graphic of how many charities we have helped


As we did last year, we are seeing many charities struggle with growing vet bills and other costs such as food and energy bills. In fact, 75% of our donations were to help with core costs, supporting charities to continue doing what they do best, without the added stress of unpaid bills. 

Here’s just a glimpse of our 2024 so far…

Saving sea life in Scotland

In January, we donated £2,000 to Cetacean Research & Rescue Unit (CRRU) to help towards the annual maintenance on their whale and dolphin rescue boat, “Hermes”. The required repairs were essential to maintain the vessel to a high standard for the team to continue their lifesaving service for sick, injured, or stranded marine wildlife in northeast Scotland. 

Dr. Kevin Robinson, the charity’s Executive Director, told us: 

“We are extremely grateful for this "lifesaving" support from Animal Friends Insurance, helping us to help more dolphins and whales in trouble in our UK coastal waters. The funding from AFI has allowed us to keep our marine rescue support boat in tip-top condition, facilitating our 24-hour response service for sick, injured or live-stranded animals in NE Scotland.” 


A rescue group with a dolphin

A Nowzad vet with a cat


Aid in Afghanistan

In Kabul, Afghanistan, we helped ensure that Nowzad were able to afford their much-needed veterinary equipment, including an x-ray machine and generator for their animal hospital. Past donations include £5,000 in 2020 and £2,500 in 2023 to help fund decontamination supplies for their isolation unit and their trap-neuter-vaccinate-release work. We’re so glad to be able to help an amazing charity working to relieve the suffering of animals a massive 4,770 miles away from our office in Amesbury.

Whaley good news

We’re delighted to be able to announce that we have donated a further £10,000 to Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC), in the next steps to uncovering the mysteries of whales. ‘AnimOcean’ is a project that aims to use the latest computer modelling technology to measure, for the first time ever, how much carbon these animals capture and lock away. 

We’ve always been so inspired by WDC’s commitment to challenge and change international policy and are proud to support their fight to create safe ocean spaces for our climate allies.

We can’t wait for updates on this exciting campaign and learn more around how whales help restore the ocean and heal our planet.

A whale and its young


A couple of rabbits from a charity

Hopping to help

In February, we were glad to be able to help The Rabbit Residence Rescue with their vet bill struggles, after they saw their donations decline due to the cost-of-living crisis. After hearing how there was a 200% increase in stray rabbits and bunnies (who’d already had four or more owners in their short lives) being surrendered to the charity, we wanted to help ease some of their worries. 

“The £2,000 donation from Animal Friends Insurance to assist us with our vet bills allowed us to pay for the examination of Sarafina's cataracts by a veterinary ophthalmologist, the needed vaccinations and her spaying so that she can be paired with another rabbit after spending four years alone in a tiny hutch. It also helped with ongoing medication costs of Mash's pain relief due to age related arthritis, as well as the vaccinations and neutering of other rabbits to help prepare them for adoption.” 

Here are some of the other amazing charities we’ve been able to help so far this year thanks to the pets we proudly protect: 

List of charities

Our grant funding is available for animal welfare or conservation charity projects. Is your charity in need or know of a cause that needs support?