Animal Friends 2021 £100,000 Charity Giveaway

The results are in!


And the winner is...

Whale and Dolphin Conservation

Congratulations on winning £50,000 in the Animal Friends 2021 £100,000 Charity Giveaway Christmas Campaign.

Thank you to everyone who got involved, helped raise awareness of these amazing causes, and enabled us to give a little extra this Christmas.

But no one misses out this Christmas!

Every one of the charities we selected will receive a donation from Animal Friends so they can continue to protect our festive wildlife and their fragile habitats, keeping Christmas safe for us all to enjoy.

2nd place

PTES - Supporting the leopards

We've donated £20,000

3rd place

WWF UK - Supporting the polar bears

We've donated £10,000

4th place

The Owls Trust - Supporting the owls

We've donated £10,000

5th place

UK Antarctic Heritage Trust - Supporting the penguins

We've dontated £10,000

Here’s how you helped

While we celebrate the festive season, the animals we associate with Christmas are struggling to survive. Their habitats are being destroyed. Their homes melting away. Their futures fading.

With the support of your votes, we were able to give these animals a hope of a brighter and healthier future.

Trying to keep Christmas safe

In December, we donated £100,000 to help keep polar bears, penguins, owls, snow leopards and narwhals safe and give our favourite festive creatures a hope of a better tomorrow.

We asked for you to vote for one of five incredible charities all fighting for our precious festive wildlife, and here’s why:

Don’t be fooled, these big bears are incredibly vulnerable. In less than 20 years, if we don’t do more to protect their home, polar bear numbers could drop by 30% due to starvation, loss of habitat and being cruelly hunted. Lend a paw today, help give them strength so we can keep celebrating Christmas with them.


Do you give a hoot this Christmas? Just 7% of Britain’s native woodlands are currently in good ecological condition leaving our beloved wildlife, including the iconic Christmas owls, at risk. Help them soar to a brighter future and many more yuletides to come.


Snow leopard populations are decreasing at an alarming rate, and it is estimated that only 4,000 of them remain. Without your help, these most mysterious cats might quickly become nothing but a memory. PTES has already had success in setting up a nature reserve for them, but their future is still uncertain. Leap into a more hopeful Christmas this year, support our festive wildlife.


It’s penguin-ing to look like Christmas isn’t so bright for Antarctic penguins. With global temperatures continuing to rise, their habitat is changing. Help us help them.


Climate change and the shipping industry are putting these unicorns of the sea at significant risk of decline. Be a buddy to the narwhal this December, protect them before it’s too late.



Thank you to everyone that voted and supported each of the five phenomenal charities, you have each helped to keep Christmas safe. Together, we can make a difference!

Why we wanted to help

Behind every donation, every animal saved, and charity supported, there’s someone like you. Animal Friends was built with a purpose to create a better life for every animal and we've been providing funds and support to charities and conservancies around the world for over 20 years.

This doesn’t stop at Christmas.

How we’ve helped others

Why not take a look at some of the charities we’ve been able to help in the past? From finding homes for unwanted dogs in the UK to rescuing abused bears in Europe, no two donations are the same.

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