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All you need to know about cat boarding or catteries

While our cats might want us around 24/7 to cater to their demands and needs, life just doesn’t let us do this. Sometimes work and holidays mean that our feline friends have to spend time away from home. As much as they might want to escape for their nightly adventures, having to stay somewhere unfamiliar can be quite a stressful time for cats.

Leaving our beloved pets isn’t easy, and you want it to be as stress-free as possible for your cat so you can enjoy your time away knowing they’re well looked after. So, how do you choose the right place for your cat? Here are our top tips and things to consider when looking at catteries for your kitty.

Choosing the right cattery

You know your cat best and while there are different options to consider before you go away, choosing a cattery can ensure your cat has company throughout the day. Different catteries offer different things to keep a cat happy and occupied during their stay, you might be able to discuss this with the staff to find a cattery that suits your kitty.

Just like with everything else, there are good and bad catteries so doing some research is important in making sure you find one that’s suitable for your cat. You’ll be able to read reviews on their social media pages or even on certain search engines, allowing you to learn about other people’s experiences.

Asking your friends and family for recommendations might help you learn which local catteries they’ve used and liked in the past. Your vet might be able to recommend trusted catteries, too.

Visit the cattery

Before booking anything, visit your preferred or proposed cattery. This will allow you to meet the staff and get a look at the cat pens. While you’re there, you’ll be able to ask questions and even pose some hypothetical situations to learn about the care your cat receive while staying at the cattery.

When they show you the pens, make sure to consider them from a cat’s point of view. Are they clean? Will they provide your cat with comfort during their stay? Can they see into other pens from their space and will this cause them some distress?

Don’t be afraid to ask questions during your visit, as a good cattery with good carers will be more than happy to answer them and help ease any concerns.

Providing the cattery with information

Your cattery will need some information from you to learn about your cat’s routine and to know what to do if something went wrong.

This information includes:

  • Your cat’s vet details
  • Information about any pre-existing conditions
  • Clear instructions on how to administer any medication
  • An emergency contact
  • Food preferences and feeding routine
  • Their likes and dislikes
  • Their microchip details (if they’re microchipped)
  • Proof of up-to-date vaccinations
  • Anything else that might help with your cat’s stay

Think of ways to help your cat

Catteries can be quite stressful for cats that aren’t used to being away from home or the people they love (yes, they do love you really). You might want to consider taking something that smells of you to the cattery for your cat to keep while you’re away. This might provide some reassurance for them and provide comfort in a strange environment.

Familiar toys may also help provide any familiar scents to help them settle into their pen.

Alternatives to a cattery

There are alternative pet care choices you might want to consider if you don’t think a boarding cattery is right for your cat. Pet sitters, members of your family and even your friends might be suitable temporary carers for your feline friend.

This can also offer your cat the opportunity to stay at home while you’re away, meaning they don’t have to leave their familiar environment.

Comparing all the options available to you will help you make the right choice, but always make sure to consider your cat’s happiness and comfort before anything else.

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