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Avoiding sunburn in pets

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy long walks, arrange picnics, organise barbecues and the paddling pool finally comes out of hiding but there are a few precautions we must take on the sunny days.

Which cats or dogs can get sunburned?

Just like us, our pets can get sunburn with some more susceptible than others. Certain dog breeds including white bulldogs, Dalmatians, beagles, whippets and white cats are especially at risk of the sun, so it’s important to make sure you do what you can to avoid sunburn in your pet.

Make sure your pet has access to shade

If your kitty or pooch like to spend their summer days outdoors, then make sure they have an umbrella or a shady tree to use as a cooling shield.

This is important when walking your dog, too, making sure you explore somewhere which can provide some shelter from the sun it becomes too much for your dog.

Limit your pet’s time outdoors when sunny

Making sure your pet doesn’t spend too much time outdoors, especially during the hottest part of the day, can help prevent your cat or dog from getting sunburnt.

So, walking your dog early in the morning or later in the evening or stopping your cat from going outside during the day will allow them to enjoy the outdoors when it’s cooler.

Buy and apply pet-safe sun cream

Using pet sun cream or buying child-safe SPF 30 to 50 and making sure your pet’s most vulnerable spots are covered before they head outside. Their nose, tips of their ears, belly and any bare or shaved patches are a pet’s most sensitive areas.

Buy pet wear that provides UV protection

Investing in protective clothing for pets (well, probably more dogs than cats) can offer protection from the sun’s harmful rays, especially when enjoying a summer’s day at the beach.

Don’t be tempted to shave your pet

Our pets, even the long-haired, double-coated dogs will regulate their own body temperature so don’t be tempted to shave your dog as this can make things worse and can get sunburnt without their coat’s protection.

Sunburn isn’t the only risk after your pet’s exposed to too much sun, cats and dogs can also be at risk of heat stroke and skin cancer if precautions aren’t taken. As always, prevention is better than the cure so make sure you provide proper sun protection so your pet can enjoy the summer with you.

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