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Why does my cat kick litter out of their litter box?

Why does my cat kick litter out of their litter box? 2

It can become very frustrating when your cat tracks litter throughout your house by accident, but even more infuriating when your pet decides to kick litter all over the room. Why do cat’s do this? Even though it may seem like your pet is just being difficult, there could be a good reason for this behaviour.

The litter box is too small

Your cat may be redecorating your house with litter because their box is too small for them to comfortably do their business. The tray should be big enough for them to easily turn around in, and deep enough for them to dig as much as they like. Cats have a natural instinct to bury their waste, and so if your box is too small, the litter your pet kicks behind them will end up on your floor.

There’s too much litter in the box

The recommended layer for litter is around 2-4 inches, deep enough so your cat can dig, but not so deep that its spilling over the sides. If you overfill your cat’s litter tray, it makes it easy for your pet to spill the contents outside of the box.

a cat at the toilet

The litter tray isn’t clean

Its recommended by vet’s that pet owners should clean out their pet’s litter tray daily, at the minimum. If your cat’s litter box is dirty, your pet will have to dig around to find a clean spot in which to do their business. The more your cat must dig, the more mess they’ll make.

There’s not enough litter in the box

We all know cats are fussy animals, but they may not be to blame for their owners needing to find the perfect amount of litter. If you don’t put at least two inches of litter into the tray, your cat is going to need to do a lot more digging to cover up their waste, leading to a flurry of litter around your home.

The sides are too low

Even if your cat’s litter tray is big enough, it won’t matter if the sides of the box are low. Litter can spill out, your cat could perform some vigorous digging, or they could deposit their waste close to the edge of the box. All of these things will force litter onto your floor and become a cleaning job for you. Make sure to invest in a litter box with high sides.

So there you have it. While it may seem like you cat is giving you more cleaning to take care of, there may actually be some good reasons why your pet is kicking litter out of their litter box, and now you have the tools to stop it!

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