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Horse / Colic in horses – all you need to know

As a horse owner, it’s important to be aware of the symptoms of colic – a term for abdominal pain experienced by humans and animals alike. It’s caused by an infection in the gastrointestinal tract, and if not properly treated, is one of the most common causes of mortality in horses. Here is a run-down … Continued

Horse / Why Do Horses Need Shoes?

Whether you’re an experienced horse owner or if you often see horses being ridden in your nearby area, you’re likely to be familiar with the trotting noise that come from a horses’ hooves. This noise comes from the shoes that horses wear, and the reason why they wear them can vary depending on the horses’ … Continued

Horse / Why Does My Horse Chew Wood?

Why Does My Horse Chew Wood?

As a horse owner, you may notice sizeable chunks of your fence missing when your horses are free to graze in their paddock and you may also be surprised to learn that it is in fact your own horse making the damage! To humans, this makes little sense. Why would your horse opt for a … Continued

Horse / Why do Horses Buck?

Why do horses buck?

If you’re familiar with horse riding, you’ll probably have witnessed horses bucking at some point. A defence mechanism that comes naturally to horses, bucking can signal a range of emotions that your animal is feeling. The behaviour can happen when a rider is introduced to a new horse, or even just changing something surrounding their … Continued

Horse / Our Animal Friends: Tilly and Doof

Your name and department: Sianne – Sales Team Your pets name: Circle Of Truth, also know as, Struth or Doof. Type of pet: Horse What does he look like: Doof is a big brown horse with a very small star on his head. How old is he: Doof is a 12 year old thorough-bred ex race horse. What are his favourite toys: … Continued

Animal Friends / Customer Story – Melody the Horse

Nevern Melody the Thoroughbred

For our customer story this month Miss Rogers tells us about her lovely horse, Melody, who is a 15 year old, 16.1hh, thoroughbred ex-racehorse. Melody has been through quite a lot over the last year. Here is what her owner Miss Rogers shared with us: ‘I saw her in a stable one day back in … Continued

Horse / Our Animal Friends: Millie the Horse

Millie the Horse

Staff member:  Emma from the Claims Department Horse’s name: Millie (Follow Me Z) Age: 16 Breed: Warmblood Appearance: Bright bay with a star and snip. What is her favourite… Toy: She has a stable mirror which has become her best friend after having our old pony put to sleep. Food: Sarcen Re-Leve – the feed that … Continued

Animal Welfare / Four Feats of Animal Heroism

Feats of animal heroism are enough to melt the heart of even the hardest cynic. Many creatures have saved many lives with their quick thinking or instinctive behaviour. Here are some of the most notable examples. Moko the dolphin Many tales of heroism come from the animal being in the right place at the right … Continued

Cat / Ways You Can Show You Love Your Pet

Valentine’s Day is almost here and why not factor your pet into the celebrations? They love you unconditionally, so here are a few ways you can show your pet you love them.