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dog by the fire at Christmas

Christmas Travel Checklist for Dogs

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year for all the family to get together, including your beloved furry friend. It’s a great excuse to get away with everyone and gather under one roof; whether you’re heading to a relative’s for the holidays or to a cosy holiday cottage with your loved ones, Christmas is just that much better when it’s shared.

With Canine Cottages’collection of over 2000 dog-friendly cottages across the UK, it’s easier than ever to enjoy a special break away where your dog can be included too. If you’re spending a few days away from home, it’s important to remember the essentials on this checklist, which Canine Cottages has put together for us so your dog stays safe and happy this Christmas.

Dog bed or basket

Some dogs may initially be nervous during their first days away from home, so bringing their dog bed is a good way to remind them of home and gives them a safe place to retreat to.

A dog coat or jacket

If you’re heading somewhere different this Christmas, plenty of dog walks are sure to be on the agenda. While out and about, keep your dog warm in the winter weather with a coat or jacket, especially if they have fine and short fur.

A lead

Another essential for winter walkies is a lead, especially in more popular areas where dogs are only permitted if they are kept on the lead.


Despite the weather, many dogs just love getting wet and muddy, so a towel to clean your dog off afterwards is an absolute must!

Collar and name tag

Although it’s the law to get your dog microchipped nowadays, a collar and name tag engraved with your details means should your pet go running away unexpectedly, it’s easier to be reunited.


A Christmas holiday sadly doesn’t mean a break from taking medicines, so make sure any medicines prescribed for your dog have been packed.

Dog food and food bowl

Although we humans do tend to overeat during the Christmas period, you should try to make sure your dog sticks to their usual diet by taking along their favourite dog food and a few treats.

Old sheets

Old sheets are not only perfect for keeping your car dog hair-free but also minimise the hair left behind if you’re staying away from home.

Pet hair roller

If you have a dog that just doesn’t stop shedding fur, you can remove it from a carpet or your relative’s furniture in no time with a pet hair roller.

Pet insurance

Even though Christmas is one of the happiest times of the year, it’s still important to be prepared for the worst-case scenario and maybe consider pet insurance, just in case.

Xmas presents

Every good dog deserves a Christmas present! Be sure not to leave your presents behind so everyone in your family has a present to enjoy this Christmas.

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