Photo illustration of a dog and a suitcase

Travelling with your dog

For journeys long and short you’ll find our tips and advice on all things dog travel here.

Dog travelling with its head out the car window

Travelling with your pets

Do you know how to get your pets from A to B in safety? Have you considered all the options? Here's our guide to travelling with pets.

Dog with a suitcase

Travelling abroad with your pet after brexit

There is now a different procedure to follow before taking your pet from England, Scotland and Wales to the EU. The UK has been given Part 2 listed status, which means there are some extra requirements for travelling with pets.

Dog and young girl in a car

Travelling with dogs in cars

Travelling with dogs in cars can be an inevitable part of life as a pet owner. Animal Friends helps with this pet advice guide to travelling with dogs.

Dog running on the beach

Taking your dog to the beach

When summer creeps up on us, the idea of beachy days out is irresistible. But how can we safely involve our dogs in the seaside fun?

Taking your dog on holiday

The thought of a holiday without your best friend doesn't seem much fun! Don't worry, we've got you covered with this guide to taking your dog on holiday.