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Top Tips To Help Find A Missing Pet

When a pet goes missing it is a very stressful time; they are often seen as part of the family and therefore it is only natural to worry. Even if you have your pet microchipped there are still things you can do to help relocate them. We thought it would be helpful to put together a few of our top tips to help find a pet should they ever go missing.

Use The Web

The internet is an essential resource when trying to find a lost pet as many people these days have constant access to the web through the use of mobile devices. There are a lot of websites dedicated to helping find missing pets containing huge databases of pets with crucial details such as their photos, colour, the area they were last seen in, their name, any distinguishing features, contact numbers and also information for when they are found. Our top websites for this purpose are as follows;






It is recommended you log your lost pet with a pet warden as soon as possible. Vets can also be great resources as many people will hand a pet in initially with a vet not knowing who else to call. Be sure to not only contact your nearest vet but all other vets in the surrounding area as they may have information; don’t limit your search to your immediate area but branch out. A top tip to remember is if your pet has been picked up by someone they may hand it in to their nearest veterinary practice, not your nearest.

‘Missing’ Posters

Missing posters should include a colour picture of the pet to help people identify any distinguishing features and get the most accurate view of the pet as possible. They should also have all up-to-date contact details including phone numbers and email addresses. It can be a great idea to put each poster in a plastic sleeve or even better laminate them; both will help to protect the posters from damage and weathering. Some pet insurance policies will even cover some of the cost of having these made.

Use Your Community and Beyond

In addition to putting up posters everywhere try to use your local community to help your search. Postmen and bin-men get around the local area quite a lot and may have spotted something, whilst people who work at the local pubs, businesses and boarding kennels/catteries are worth contacting. It can also be a good idea to contact the police through your local number to see if there have been any traffic accidents involving a pet.

Remember, call your pet warden as soon as possible, register your pet on all websites, notify vets in your surrounding area, put up as many posters and speak to as many local people in the area the pet went missing as you can. Pets can travel quite a distance in a few hours; speed is of the essence.


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