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Five ways to keep your dog entertained indoors

With winter on its way, there may be a few reasons why you might not be able to make it out at some points in the day. From freezing weather to icy pavements, or maybe it’s just a little bit too rainy for your pooch’s liking, it’s important to keep them exercised and entertained indoors too.

Here are just a few ideas on what you can do with your dog while stuck in the house.

Rotate your dog’s toys

While this might be something you already do, it will help reduce boredom and helps keep your dog interested in the things you’ve probably spent a small fortune on. This is also handy to check over the condition of their toys, and to throw away anything that’s looking a little worse for wear.

Arrange a puppy playdate

You won’t be the only pet parent sheltering indoors from the elements so why not get in touch with a friend and arrange a play date for you and your dog? This gives you the chance to catch up while the dogs get to play and keep each other occupied.

Exercise your dog’s brain

From teaching them a new trick to playing a game that allows them to build their problem-solving skills, or even creating a treat puzzle, there are lots you can do to make sure their brain’s stimulated.

Have a grooming session

While you might brush your hair every day, your pooch’s coat might not be groomed as often. So why not spend some time giving them a good pamper session? If your dog’s not so keen on the idea of being brushed or washed, this is a good time to start a routine with them and work on getting them used to the process.

Take some time to relax

Sometimes all you need to do is spend some quality time together, so why not take this opportunity to relax with your dog. This is just as enjoyable for your dog as it is for you, so it’s a win-win situation, especially after a nice day of tiring your dog out.

Keeping your dog stimulated, come rain or shine, is vital to their wellbeing and health so be sure to exercise your dog some way or another. Do you have any indoor activities you get up to with your pooch? Let us know on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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