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How to choose furniture your cat won’t destroy

You might find yourself spending a fortune on cat scratching posts for your cat, but they still prefer to attack your dining table or sharpen their claws with your sofa. Cats scratch for lots of different reasons, from sharpening their claws, to mark their territory or as a threatening signal to other cats.

While it’s natural, it can be frustrating to have your furniture ruined time and time again. Here’s how to choose furniture your cat won’t destroy!

Avoid delicate textures

You might want to reconsider that silk sofa, forget about those chenille cushions and avoid tweed curtains. Those fabrics can be quite unforgiving of cat scratches, and you’re better off looking at more durable fabrics like corduroys or microfibre blends.

A surprising candidate for cat-friendly upholstery is velvet. While it seems delicate, its fibres not only release pet hairs easily, but most cats don’t like to claw it. Win-win.

Pick metal instead of wood

Wood is just the right texture for our feline friends to dig their claws into and remove the dead outer sheath of their claws and reveal their new ones. If this is the case with your cat, consider swapping wooden legs with metal ones or simply find metal alternatives.

There are plenty of options available, and while it was once cold and boring metal furniture can now provide a modern and industrial vibe to any home.

If that’s not for you, why not hunt for furniture with hidden or thinner legs.

Think about your floors

While changing your flooring might not be feasible, adding a layer like a rug can help deter your cat’s claws from the carpets or laminate flooring.

A sisal rug provides a durable distraction for your cat as the tight weaves help prevent damage from destructive claws.

Provide plenty of distractions

By providing alternative surfaces to scratch can help deter your cat from using your furniture or flooring as nail files. Scratching boards or posts are perfect for our feline friends to keep their nails in order, while other toys can keep them entertained if they’re bored.

Do you have any advice for choosing furniture that your cat won’t leave alone? Share your ideas with fellow cat owners on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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