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How to keep the pets and kids happy this half term

How to keep the pets and kids happy this half term

Whether your kids are already off, or they have a few more days to go, it can be quite hard to come up with some ideas on how to keep them entertained during the half term. Some days will be enjoyed hiding under duvets until the afternoon looms closer and tummies start rumbling.

Make a map and go for a treasure hunt!

Do you have a favourite forest or field near you where the kids might not be too keen to get out, especially if it’s a bit chilly?

Why not make a map and head out on a treasure hunt? Grab a piece of card, draw the outline of your walk (doesn’t have to be exact), plot where you’ll place the treasure, get a teabag and start dabbing to get that ancient look and feel! Then just head out the next day (or once the map has dried) with the kids and dog and get hunting.

Head to the pumpkin patch and get picking

If you haven’t yet got your pumpkins ready, then why not head to the local farm or pumpkin patch and get picking?

You’ll need to call beforehand to make sure that your dog can go, too. If it’s not a dog-friendly patch or you have a cat, then why not try carving your pumpkin to look like your pet? If you think it’s too tricky you can always download a breed template that you should be able to trace onto the pumpkin. It’s just one way to celebrate your pets this half term!

Enjoy a relaxing day indoors…

Well, as relaxing as it can be with kids to entertain! If your cat likes to be around the family and will happily perch on the sofa while everyone’s about then it might be worth spending a day in your pyjamas. Why not make a playlist and get everyone to pick a few songs and enjoy the day playing some board games or watching films?

If you fancy doing some baking, then why not take a look at our Halloween recipes for dogs and cats that the kids can help with.

arts and crafts with leaves in autumn

Arts and crafts

While you’re out and about on your daily dog walks why not get the kids to collect some autumn goodies?

All you’ll need is a bucket or bag, so the leaves and other treasures can be carried. We can’t promise you won’t be asked to carry the bucket or bag, as we all end up with extra things in our hands by the end of a walk, don’t we? Hats and gloves included!

Once you come to the end of your walk and you’re back at home then get ready to get crafty!

You could use your leaves to make animals, have a go at making a leafy mask, or use the sticks and leaves as stamps. The crafty possibilities are endless, and it’s free!

You probably have your own fantastic plans for the half term and we’re sure your kids and pets will love every bit. If you’re at work and maybe family or friends are minding the kids then don’t worry, you can save these ideas for the weekend.

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