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Happy Dogs; Walking a Dog for the First Time

Whether it’s with a puppy you have sourced from a reputable breeder or dog you have adopted, walking a dog for the very first time is an experience that no owner will forget.

This wonderful video of Crunchy the Cavapoo illustrates the sheer joy that a dog gets from taking in the sights and sounds of the great outdoors.

Charley’s First Walk In The Park from Animal Friends Insurance on Vimeo.

We asked some of our staff to recount what they remember about the first time they took their dog out for a walk and the results are all at once enlightening, joyous and uplifting.

Shaun – Communications Team Leader

Riley small

“When I first took Riley out for a walk I probably felt how a new parent feels when they first place a baby in to a car seat. I was nervous, what if he slips the lead? What if a bigger dog approaches and scares him, or worse? What if his inoculations haven’t kicked in properly? What if I walk him too far?

Although none of these things turned out to be an issue, I couldn’t help wondering if it was just me that felt this way, or if all new puppy owners worry about what may or may not happen.

The walk itself was actually more enjoyable than I could have imagined; those twenty minutes felt like a lifetime but Riley was home, unscathed and ready for a three hour nap.

The best part for me though, was seeing the excitement in his eyes when this huge green field appeared before him.  Although I kept him on a lead the whole time, you could see he just wanted to play with the other dogs and chase a ball.”

Tracey – Claims Administrator

Tiggy smalls

“Although Tiggy technically was no longer a puppy the first time we met and walked her (the lovely ladies at the pound estimated her age to be around three or four), her oversized ears, giving her a perennial puppy-like appearance, certainly melted our hearts.

When we opened the door to the office she jumped up behind the counter to see who had walked in and her ears bounced and flopped around her face as she looked at us quizzically. Immediately we knew she was the one we wanted to take for a walk.

Down at the river, her tail went a mile a minute as it curved high over her back, telling us how much she loved to paddle. After enjoying watching her run back and forth picking up stones we looked at each other and decided to walk her to our home nearby to see how she reacted. Despite her initial hesitancy on the bridge, she enjoyed peering through the gap in the fencing to look down into the water.

When we arrived at our house, she pressed her nose tightly to the doorjamb as we hurried to unlock it, as if she already knew this would become her home. Once inside, she madly ran around the living room, investigating with her nose everything within her reach. After she had satisfied her immediate curiosity, we walked her back over the bridge and into the office of the pound, knowing we would not be leaving without her.”

Elena – Content Writer

“I went to boarding school when I was younger but, having got a puppy as a family Christmas present, I happened to be at home the first time we took Buffy (pictured at the top of the article) out. We were careful to keep her indoors for the first little while so that we could be sure she was safely inoculated and that she had enough basic training to be safe. All the same it was a nerve wracking experience taking this tiny bundle out into the chilly winter air.

Where I lived at the time there was an enclosed piece of land on the Army base where we knew that we could see anyone else about, including any other dogs. The fencing was secure enough that she couldn’t get out and nobody else could get in except through a gate in plain sight. After a couple of laps around the field, with Buffy on lead, it was pretty clear that she wanted to explore a little on her own and take in all the new sights and smells so, with some trepidation we let her off lead.

There are few sights in life more heart-warming than a baby Labrador puppy bounding around a field. Her little floppy ears were flapping about in the wind and she was so excited she didn’t know where to go next, racing about in every direction.

Buffy’s getting on a bit now but even at her ripe old age she shows a little bit of her puppy spirit whenever she’s let off lead in an open space.”

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