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Why dogs bark

a dog with its mouth open

Unless you have a Basenji (a barkless dog that yodels instead) then your dog probably barks. While some dogs will make more noise than others, barking is completely normal for a dog and there’s usually a reason behind their woofs.

Deciphering the different types of bark

Dogs bark for a variety of reasons and barking is one of their natural means of vocal communication. Different barks will mean different things, depending on the situation and what they’re trying to tell you.

As annoying as barks can be, especially when they seem to be for no reason at all, they don’t bark just because they can or because they’re trying to annoy your neighbour. We take a look at some reasons why dogs bark and what your dog might be trying to tell you.

Territorial warning

You might have noticed that your dog barks when someone passes your house, that’s because they consider the house and garden to be their territory.

This will also often happen if another dog walks along the pavement outside and if the threat gets too close the barks will get louder and louder, just to make sure they’re heard.

Environmental factors

Some dogs will be triggered to bark by things in their environment they’re not happy with. This could be things like a loud car, animals they come across on walks, sirens, or storms. These are often short-lived as they’re probably barking as they’re scared of the source.

These might be easily avoided as you could walk away from roads and avoid going outside when the weather man’s promised thunder and lightning.

Physical needs

Sometimes your dog will bark because its water bowl is empty or because they want a walk and you moved their lead. Making sure their physical needs are met can help prevent this kind of barking. So, keep an eye on their water bowls, that the temperature in the house is just right, and, whatever you do, never ever touch the dog lead without the intention of taking them for a walk.

a dog on a walk

Emotional reasons

My young border collie sings a song of barks when we’re about to go on a walk and often uses her vocal cords when playing with other dogs, and this might be true for your dog, too. They’re probably excited and feeling playful and is usually seen in younger dogs or puppies.

If your dog is barking at you in the house, they might be trying to tell you they’re bored and they’re asking for some attention.

They could also bark when they’re afraid of something, which might be something to do with the environment like a storm outside or fireworks being set off by the neighbours.

Our dogs will bark for a variety of reasons and we can often decipher their woofs by looking for signs in their mood and environment. Their ears, tails, eyes and mouths will also help you figure out what they’re trying to tell you so why not take a look at our blog about reading your dog’s emotions.

Alternatively read our blog articlefor tips on how to stop your dog barking.

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