Dog training and behaviour

Keeping on top of your dog’s training can help strengthen the bond between you as it can prevent any unwanted behaviour problems.

Anxious dogs - when is friendly too friendly?

Ways to support your dog if they’re anxious and the best strategies to lessen the anxieties of other dogs you might meet. 

Dog training glossary

We explore some of the most widely used dog training terms to help you as you em-bark on this journey with your pooch. 

Treating Car Anxiety

Learn how to help your dog deal with car anxiety, and feel safe and secure in your vehicle.

How to train a dog

Whether you have a puppy or an older dog, here's a guide to help you teach the essential aspects of dog training. 

How to stop your dog howling

Understand why dogs howl and what you can do to help prevent it

5 top tips for helping a dog that doesn’t like the rain

Why some dogs might act differently when the downpours start and what you can do to help them. 

How to prepare your dog for back-to-school time

Here are just a few top tips to help you prepare your dog for a smooth back-to-school transition.

What to do when your dog is in heat

We look at a dog’s heat cycle, the signs of a dog in season and top tips on keeping her comfortable during this time.

Dogs & sleep

Discover why dogs sleep so much, how sleep can indicate health conditions, and how much sleep is normal for the age of your dog

Why does my dog shake?

Worried about how much your dog shakes or trembles? It could be for a variety of reasons, discover whether or not it's serious