Dog training and behaviour

Keeping on top of your dog’s training can help strengthen the bond between you as it can prevent any unwanted behaviour problems.

A picture of a white dog running

How to improve your dog’s recall training

Top tips on improving your dog's recall with advice and step-by-step guides from Police Dog Trainer, Dave Wardell.

Dog looking out of a window

Separation anxiety in dogs

A guide to separation anxiety, how it develops, top tips on preventing it and information on how the condition is treated.

Dog hiding under a blanket

Anxiety in pets

Is your pet hesitant to go outdoors? If they also whine or salivate excessively, they may be suffering from anxiety. Read on to discover more.

Dog eating grass

Why does my dog eat grass?

A guide to why your dog might decide to eat grass, whether it's good for them and when you might need to seek veterinary attention.

Dog with its tongue out

Why does my dog keep licking me?

Have you ever wondered why your dog loves to lick you? This article will show you why – and how to stop it.