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Accident Only cat insurance

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What this insurance policy covers

An Accident Only policy only covers vets fees for injuries and complications arising from accidents. It does not cover illnesses or diseases, nor provide any other benefits. Ongoing accident-only cover of £2,500 per accident per year is available, as long as the policy is active, up to a lifetime limit of £15,000 for each accident.

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Accident Only cover levels and details

This entry-level policy provides cover for accidents only – no cover for illnesses and no extra benefits. It provides a simple safeguard against vet’s costs resulting from accidental injury.

There is a single plan designed to provide suitable cover levels at a minimal cost. It provides £2,500 vet fee cover per accident, per year (as long as you have the policy with us) – up to a lifetime limit of £15,000 for each accident.

There are no extra benefits with this policy, and the price reflects this, starting from as little as £3.01 a month for cats.

 Accident Only
Annual Accident Limit
Lifetime Accident Limit
Vets Excess £99
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Pet insurance premiums increase as your pet gets older. A 20% co-payment (in addition to the fixed excess) will be added when your cat turns 10.

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