How do i keep an indoor cat happy?

Keeping your cat happy indoors just takes a little imagination and effort

It’s been debated for years: should cats live indoors or outdoors? Whatever you personally decide for your own cat, it’s fair to say that with the right preparation and a little bit of effort, it’s absolutely possible to create a stimulating environment to keep your indoor cat happy. Here are some hints and tips for bringing the great out-paws into your home.

Make it safe

First and foremost, if your cat is going to spend the majority (or even all) of their time inside, you need to make sure that they’ll be safe and secure.

Most cats are inquisitive and curious by nature, and will most likely want to explore every inch of your home in search of new adventures. A good rule of thumb is that a cat can, and will, fit through gaps and into spaces the width of the distance between the tips of their whiskers. That could be between kitchen cabinets, on top of wardrobes or even through half-opened windows.

Simple things you can do are to make sure your surfaces are clear of any slipping hazards and that you’ve closed the doors to any rooms containing dangerous chemicals or unavoidably sharp objects.

Make it fun

Cats need to use their brains and their bodies regularly to stay healthy and happy.

If they’re not going outside to explore, you need to give them plenty of toys and terrains to try in your home. Scratching posts, kitty towers and even interactive electronic toys will give your cat something to do, especially if you’re not there to play with them.

You can even buy pet cameras to install in your home so you can check in via your browser or smartphone throughout the day, and some of them even dispense treats!

Make time

One of the benefits of a cat is that they’re generally pretty happy to amuse themselves, but even the most aloof and independent cat needs your involvement. Whether it’s a simple scratch between the ears or a full-on playtime session, you cat loves and needs you.

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