How to stop your cat attacking your christmas tree

Cats love pouncing but it’s not something that should concern you. This behaviour is part of their predatory nature, and is usually a positive thing as it shows that they are healthy, happy and exercising.

However, a pouncing cat and a Christmas tree combine as a terrible twosome as trees can be toxic to pets.

Along with this, any delicate decorations could be shattered if knocked off the tree by playful paws. This is not only an inconvenience to you, but can mean that pieces of plastic or glass can stick into your furry friend’s paws, causing an injury.

If your cat has taken a sudden interest in your Christmas tree, we have put together a few reasons why they may be doing this and how you can stop them.


One way that cats play is by pouncing.

Therefore, your cat may be trying this method of play out with you. If you react strongly to your cat pouncing at your tree they may interpret this as a game, so try to avoid chasing your cat or batting them away from it. Instead opt for calmly removing your cat from the tree, and provide them with a distraction.

It can also be a good idea to keep your tree away from any surrounding furniture, as it will make it harder for your pet to use a launchpad to pounce at its target.

Don’t despair – you’re one step closer to a cat-proof Christmas tree.


Cats and Christmas trees - shelter or prey?

Cats can easily become bored if there are no other toys around for them to play with. This can also be the case if they are not receiving attention from you.

If your feline friend gets too bored, they could be looking for a way to entertain themselves, which inevitably could lead them to an admiration for your fancy fairy lights.

To avoid this, ensure that you are providing them with the love and playtime that they need, even over the festive season.

As well as this, try giving your pet some exciting new toys  to ensure they are stimulated mentally and won’t feel the need to play with your decorations.

Reacting to decorations

An important aspect to consider, when working towards a cat-friendly Christmas tree is the decorations that you choose to put on it.

If your tree is covered in flashing lights or tasty treats, then your pet may see it as an open challenge to retrieve them. To keep your cat away from your tree, consider inedible decorations and calmer lights that your pets won’t see as tempting.

Also consider putting your decorations higher up your tree to avoid any nibbling on wirers or pawing at lights, all of which could be harmful.


Cat and decorations

If your pet is feeling distressed, then they may begin to develop behavioural problems. It may help you to change their environment, in case something is upsetting them.

As well as this, ensure that they have a quiet, comfortable spot available to them where they can escape from the hustle and bustle of visiting family members around Christmas time. This will ensure that they do not have to attack your decorations and will simply sneak off for a snooze.

So there you have it, Christmas Day doesn’t need to be spoilt by your cat attacking your tree and getting pines in their paws! Follow these simple tips to cat proof your Christmas tree, so you and your pet can focus on enjoying some festive fun.

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