Top 10 Royalty inspired pet names in the UK

2nd May 2023

As the Coronation of King Charles III approaches, and in honour of the royal family’s love for dogs, we wanted to see just how many of the nation’s pets have a royal-inspired name, and which are the most popular.


A popular name before Master Archie was born (son of Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex), it’s a step away from what we’re used to from the royal family. A nickname for Archibald, it’s a more modern alternative to some of the others that appear on our list, popular amongst humans, too!


A name the Prince and Princess of Wales (William and Catherine) chose for their first-born son, Prince George of Wales. There have been six kings named George and when his time comes, Prince George of Wales will be the nation’s seventh! A name fit for any reigning royals you have at home!


A popular name amongst pets and people, we all know the reason behind this one. Prince Harry! The name comes with a variety of options, including Harold (it’s what Prince William calls his younger brother) or Henry (Prince Harry’s official name) when they’re in trouble!


The name of the Prince and Princess of Wales’ third child, Louis is great for those in search of something that branches out of our own royal family. Prominent in French aristocracy, Louis was also the name of 14 kings of France, beating England’s number of Georges.


One for the girls! Zara is far from a traditional royal name but it was given to Zara Tindall, the late Queen’s oldest granddaughter. It was King Charles III himself that suggested the name, which means as bright as the dawn in Greek. Beautiful!


Back with the boys. Deriving from the Germanic Wilhelm, which means “helmet” or “protection”, it might be a name given to those strong-willed pets or those who provide comfort at difficult stages of your life together.


A name borne by three Anglo-Saxon kings and eight kings of England, Edward offers a variety of different nicknames depending on your pet’s behaviour including Ed, Eddie, Ned and Ted!


The only son of Princess Anne (King Charles III’s only sister), Peter is a simple yet eloquent name for any pooch or feline. Yet another name originating in the Greek language, it means “rock” or “stone” but if you’re after a name fit for a king, you might have to look elsewhere as there have been no reigning UK royals named Peter.


Princess Beatrice was the first royal Princess since Princess Anne, so it’s a name with real significance. If one name isn’t enough or your pet is that little bit extra, why not opt for the royal’s full name, Beatrice Elizabeth Mary? The names of all the English Queens since 1910!


And last but not least, Charles! Notably borne by Charlemagne (Charles the Great), the name has old roots and means “free man”. One that might rise popularity again following the coronation, but a name fit for the king of your household.

Keeping it regal

It’s not only the Royal Family’s names which inspire pet parents, many British pets also include a ‘royal’ title within their name to add that extra element of regality. Of the royal titles we found in our collection, Duke proves most popular for pets (25%), followed by Lady (24%), Prince (21%) and Princess (19%).

The King and Queen Consort themselves are huge dog lovers, with two rescue Jack Russel Terriers at home; Beth and Bluebell. Of the top six breeds considered to have royal connections, it seems that the King’s dog breed of choice is the most popular.

Jack Russels proved they were a top dog (42%) with the second most popular ‘royal’ dog breed choice being Pugs (22%), followed by Border Collies (19%) and fittingly, King Charles Spaniels (16%).

We’re not at all surprised that owners choose to give their dog or cat a regal name befitting their important status in the household! It’s what they deserve. It will, however, be interesting to see how the list develops as the royal family continues to grow.