English Bulldog breed guide


Up to 15.6 inches (to shoulder)


Male and female up to 50.6lb


Between 12 and 15 years

Bulldog walking in a field


British born and bred, the Bulldog – also known as the English or British Bulldog – is a popular breed for today’s dog lovers. A descendant of the Asiatic Mastiff, the first recorded documentation of the Bulldog dates back to 1209, in a description of a fight between a bull and a dog. These types of bloodbath brawls were allowed in England until 1835.

The term ‘Bulldog’ was first referenced in written form in the 1600’s, which arose from the dog’s use in bull baiting – betting on whether a dog could grab a bull by the nose and wrestle it down to the ground.

Over time, these dogs developed the jaws and stocky bodies that typify the breed. In the late 1870s, the oldest single breed club, The Bulldog Club, was set up.


Don’t be deceived by the Bulldog’s angry appearance as these dogs are incredibly lovable and affectionate.

Their medium-sized heavy bodies are held up by short, muscly legs.  Bulldogs have short, thick necks and deep, wide chests. Characteristically, these dogs have a fold of fat over their nose and loose hanging skin around their neck.

They have short, flat coats in shades including fawn, white and red.


Spontaneous, lively and clever, this breed is very obedient and they enjoy being faithful to their owners.

Mature Bulldogs are calm but can also be playful and friendly. At times, they can be stubborn but love being with familiar people.

Things to watch out for

They are very sensitive to heat so extra care should be taken in the winter and summer months to ensure they are comfortable. They can easily get overheated and therefore enjoy lying on a cool floor but beware, as they can die of hypothermia in very cold conditions.

These dogs need to be walked every day. Bulldogs have a tendency to become overweight, which can lead to health problems such as heart disease and poor joints.

Is a Bulldog good for me?

If you have plenty of time to take your dog out for regular exercise, then the Bulldog could be a great choice of pet for you.

Be aware that Bulldogs do have a tendency to drool and pass wind excessively, as well as snore!

Did you know?

During WWII, the Bulldog, which popularly represents Great Britain, was often likened to Winston Churchill because of his defiance over the German Military.

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