Why walking your dog is important

Every dog owner has had first-hand experience of the excitement and joy that fills a dog when the word ‘walk’ or ‘walkies’ is mentioned; but what are the reasons for this reaction and why is it so important to make sure a dog is walked every day?

A dog should be walked twice a day and for at least an hour and a half in total. A recent survey has shown that over a million dog owners leave their dogs in a room when they are away from the house (sometimes for hours on end whilst they are at work). It also found that 1 in 10 of dog owners don’t take their companion out for a walk if the weather isn’t pleasant. These statistics clearly illustrate that some dogs in this country are not being walked enough. We’ve partnered with Vintage Inns to find you great places to walk your dog, near some beautiful dog-friendly pubs.

The main benefit of walking a dog is that it provides them with the exercise they need to stay fit and healthy. If a dog is left cooped inside up all day then he or she will not be able to burn-off any excess fat that they store from eating. A dog’s natural instinct is to walk; in the wild they regularly walk for as long as they want, it isn’t right to deny them of their exercise-time.

Walking a dog does not only have physical benefits, there are plenty of psychological benefits for both the owner and the dog. There are so many smells, sights and sounds in the outdoors that a dog is mentally stimulated every time he or she goes outside. Taking a dog on a walk will also help to keep the strong bond between the animal and the owner. It gives the dog an opportunity to receive some positive attention from the owner whilst spending time doing what he or she loves; walking, running and exploring.

White dog being taken for a walk

In addition to increasing or maintaining the bond between animal and owner, going on walks also produces opportunities for the owner to ensure that their dog is sticking to their training. There will be plenty of times when a dog’s obedience training is called into action. When a dog is out on for a walk they will come across other dogs and this helps to keep them socialised.

Most dogs that have been on a walk will have a calm state of mind afterwards and it is often thought a tired dog is a happy dog. Dogs are extremely active creatures and if they do not get out of the house enough then they may become depressed, feel anxious or start have behavioural problems.

If an owner’s circumstances drastically change or there is an emergency, such as the owner having to stay in hospital for a period of time, then dog walkers can be employed to ensure that the dog receives regular outdoor-time.

It really is essential that dogs are walked regularly and for long enough. They are obedient, loyal and loving and deserve to be taken out at least twice a day as it is something they really look forward to during the daytimes.

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