5 dangerous foods for your dogs

As pet owners, we have to make sure our dogs receive a balanced diet that meets their nutritional needs. This doesn’t mean they can’t have a few bits of human food now and again as treats. If your dog loves to try and steal some bit off your plate when you’re not looking or lingers at your feet at dinner time just waiting for something tasty to fall to the floor, then you should familiarise yourself with the foods that are dangerous to canine companions.

Here are five toxic treats that you should keep out of your pet’s reach.


Chocolate contains a variety of ingredients that are harmful to dogs. These include fat, sugar, caffeine and a bitter alkaloid called theobromine. This toxic ingredient can cause kidney failure in dogs, so keep your pooch away from any chocolate.

Onions and garlic

Onions are a dangerous food for your dogs.

All members of the onion family, including garlic, leeks and chives are toxic to dogs. If your dog eats any of these dry, raw, or cooked, it can lead to gastrointestinal irritation, red blood cell damage and anaemia.


Dogs should never be given alcohol, or any other products containing alcohol. It can have the same effect on a dog’s liver and brain as it has on yours and lead to sickness, diarrhoea and central nervous damage.

Grapes and raisins

Grapes, raisins, currants and sultanas are all toxic to dogs

Grapes, raisins, currants and sultanas all contain a substance which is toxic to dogs, but the ingredient which causes the toxins is still unknown.

So, make sure the fruit bowl and currant boxes are kept out of reach of your canine friend.

Xylitol (artificial sweetener)

Xylitol is commonly used as a sugar substitute and is toxic to dogs. It can be found in a variety of household products including toothpaste, gum, vitamins and even peanut butter. Be sure to read the ingredients of anything you’ll be giving to your dog, and that anything containing xylitol is stored out of reach.

If you suspect your dog had eaten something toxic, then don’t hesitate to contact your vet.

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