Dog eating out of a bowl

Food and diet advice

From a bouncy pup to an older dog, we look at how and what to feed your dog and how much they’ll need to eat.

What can I feed my dog when I’ve run out of dog food?

Making a meal for your dog can be easy, with the right ingredients. Discover how you can feed them from your fridge or cupboard!

5 dangerous foods for your dogs

Discover 5 common human foods or ingredients that are toxic to our canine friends

Is a raw food diet good for dogs?

Discover why some dog owners choose the raw diet for their dogs - the pros, cons, and what is involved

Dog treats

Learn the nutritional make-up, pros and cons of the different treats and snacks people often give their dogs

Dangers of chocolate for your dog

Learn what makes chocolate so dangerous for dogs, the effects of each type and the signs of chocolate poisoning

Dog food – what’s right for your pooch?

We take a look at some of the most popular dog diets to help lead you in the right direction. 

Dog looking at a food bowl

Dog food

It's obvious that you need to buy food for your dog, but which food is best? We discuss different options and their varying benefits.